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Results of voting:"Most Beautiful Australian Woman"

Nicky Whelan is the beginning Australian actress; also she is the charming model.


  1. The actress was born in the cozy Australian town located in the State of Victoria. Birth date is June 10, 1981. As other children, she has got the general education at school. Throughout her childhood Nicky had an interest in an actor's profession, in cinema. And soon the girl had a dream also to become the actress famous around the world.
  2. Nicky Whelan at the childhood possesses attractive, effective appearance. Therefore, after graduating from school she has received directly the invitation to become the model, to participate in shootings of advertising of different brands' products, clothes collections.
  3. The charming Australian much posed for such famous glossy magazines as "Maxim", "Ralph". Her beautiful face became more and more recognizable. And in 2011 she has even entered the hundred most beautiful women in the world according to one of the popular magazines.
  4. The work on television, as the TV host became the following stage in Nicky Whelan's life. Nicky Whelan worked at rather popular channel as Neckelodeon. So gradually the girl approached the dream to become the actress.

Creative career

  • Nicky Whelan has begun playing in the movie from 2004. The incidental role has presented to the beginning actress a big and important work experience with a shooting stage.
  • The audience has remembered Nicky by the role in TV series "Neighbours". This teleproject appears on the Australian TV channels, enjoys popularity, it has given start to many young actors which were famous in Australia.
  • After a TV series "Neighbours" Nicky Whelan has decided to go to Hollywood which seemed to her more perspective for career development. There the girl could receive a role in TV series "Melrose Place" which has been shown in America and also in many European countries.
  • Then Nicky was invited to one of roles in telehistory "Scrubs". Each new role brought to the beginning actress big popularity, directors and producers began to pay attention to her.
  • In Nicky Whelan's filmography appears more and more interesting roles. She played in TV series "Workaholics", "Chosen", in the movie "The Power of Few".

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