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Results of voting:"The best South Indian actor"

Konidela Ram Charan Teja is one of the most beautiful Indian actors. He was marked by Filmfare awards for his talent and acting skills more than once.

The Biography

Ram Charan Teja was born in an Indian town Chennai (Tamil Nadu) on 27th of March, 1985. The future celebrity’s parents were also famous actors. Ram has two beautiful sisters.  
Either Charan’s parents or his folks were related to cinematograph and this proposed Ram’s way of life. His father’s brothers were quite popular actors and his mother’s brother was a respectful cinema maker.   
According to the actor’s words, he was an awful pupil and changed schools very often. He looked for a new school on his own and soon the story repeated. Besides, the boy influenced badly his class-mates. Nevertheless, the future actor finished the school well and got the basic education. Than he decided to step his parents’ way and disposed himself vividly at the cinema world.  

The Acting Career

  • The handsome Ram Charan Teja debuted in 2007. The film director offered him a role in “Chirutha” picture. The leading role executer played on camera for the first time in his life but he met the challenges and the film was shot well. The picture had real box-office success and even considered to be a year’s hit. Many specialized periodicals published positive articles about the film. All these facts say for good Ram’s career beginning.    
  • The actor had either to play or dance and sing in the first very picture. The young man had a chance to display all his vivid creative abilities. In whole, the work was successful and Ram won his first acting award from Filmfare.
  • The second work was successful too. The viewers liked the picture “Magadheera” and even gained the status of a blockbuster. The film was shot on Telugu language and became the best project among the same pictures for almost three years. The young man had to play a difficult role. He had to express the character of a prince army commander. The picture’s action begins on 17th century and than takes place in our days, where the main hero seeks for his girlfriend after reincarnation. The young man had to dance in the film and ride a horse. The Filmfare Award became the prize for the work in film again.
  •  Ram was lucky to have good partners in film. He hit the jackpot to play with a beauty Genelia D'Souza in film “Orange.” The picture turned to be very bright, full of dances, pretty songs, and even dangerous effective tricks. Charan had to jump with parachute and this was a new experience in his acting career.
  • The majority of the pictures, except one or another, had a box-office success and gained positive critics’ reviews. The handsome talented actor won awards and gains viewers’ confession.
  • Being at the top of his professionalism, Ram played the double role in the project “Zanjeer.” These two images were opposite in point of characters. He had a very famous and attractive female partner in this picture named Priyanka Chopra. It is interesting that the actor executed even the off-camera song.   
  • The double role was played successfully and soon he repeated the experience in the film “Yevadu?” Charan played two heroes again. The project became a blockbuster and one of the most successful in Bollywood.
  •  Now Ram casts more and more actively. At this time, he is the most demanded actor in India.    

The Private Life

Ram Charan Teja is known both as a perspective actor and as an attractive, stylish man. He had several bright love affairs, but he made a marriage proposal to Upasana Kamineni in the beginning of December, 2011. He knew this girl since childhood. Half a year later the marriage was celebrated according to custom Hindu wedding rituals.
Charan’s wife is the main editor in a popular Indian journal “Positiv.”  

The Filmography

2007 – “Chirutha”
2009 – “Magadheera”
2010 – “Orange”
2012 – “Zanjeer”
2013 – “Racha,” “ Naayak”
2014 – “Govindudu Andarivadele,” “Yevadu?”


In 2008, 2010, 2013, and 2014 Ram Charan gained Filmfare Award for the Best Male Role. His works in films “Racha,” “Magadheera,” and “Zanjeer” were awarded too.   
CineMAA also awarded Ram’s artistic talent and he gain a prize for the film “Magadheera” in 2010.

Some Interesting Facts

  • The actor can sing, dance, ride the horse and jump with parachute if the scenario demands.
  • He speaks several languages and this helps during shootings much. He speaks Hindi, Tamil, Telugu.
  • Ram respects his father very much and tries to copy him everywhere. But he loves his mother more than anyone on the Earth. He feels himself comfortable and safe near her.  
  • One of the important Charan’s spheres in life is charity. The actor takes part in project collecting money for poor people with pleasure.
  • Ram considers double-dealing to be the most unacceptable people’s touch of nature. He loves woman with beautiful eyes and fingers.

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