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Results of voting:"The best South Indian actor"

Prabhas is a famous Indian actor, who casts pictures in Telugu language.

The Biography

Prabhas was born in Chennai town (Tamil Nadu) on 23rd of October, 1979. The actor’s full name is Prabhas Raju Uppalapati. His father was a respective cinema maker and had the family of five. So, the future celebrity played with his brother and sister in childhood.  
Both actor’s father and uncle were related to cinema world. The uncle featured films in 80s actively.
Prabhas’ childhood was quite usual. The boy learned at school. The family peculiarity proposed his future profession choice.    

The Acting Career

  • Being a teenager, Prabhas differed by his attractiveness and handsome appearance. He had everything to become an actor, as his many folks did.  
  • The role in film “Eeshwar” was his first work. The famous actress Sridevi Vijaykumar casted the film together with the beginning actor. The picture’s plot was quite interesting and typical at the same time. It narrated about poor young man and his love to a girl from a rich family. The actor had to sing and dance instead of just playing a role according to the plot. In whole, the debutant managed his first cinema work well.
  • Later Prabhas cast “Raghavendra.” The picture was launched at the screens in 2003. This story tells about a young man who overcame many difficulties. At first, he was a bully and a fighter, but than he became a saint follower and this fact changed his destiny in a drastic way.   
  • Viewers beloved the film “Varsham,” where the young man expressed the character of a romantic hero. The picture had box-office success and was kept in release for a long time. Prabhas get his first award from Filmfare for playing this very role.   
  • The beginning actor had some unsuccessful works. For example, “Adavi Ramudu” was not liked either by viewers or by cinema critics. The artist was disappointed with such a result, but he decided to continue his career in hope to restore his popularity and viewers love. He hoped not in vain for his following project called “Chatrapathi” was more successful than the previous one. A famous Indian actress Shriya Saran featured the film together with Prabhas. This film in Telugu language stayed in release for 100 days.
  • The actor played a new role almost every year. Almost all of them were successful. Prabhas cast the films of different genres. He liked to play either romantic heroes, or baddies. “Munna” interested the viewers for the attractive actor played a leading role there. This was a qualitative Indian action with plot built around son and father opposition.   
  • There are pictures in the actor’s filmography where he had to play double roles. This can be applied to “Billa” picture, where Prabhas managed successfully with opposite by characters roles.
  • The CineMAA Award became one of the most important in the actor’s life. He won it for playing in “Darling.”
  • Ek Niranjan” launch brought the actor to the peak of his popularity and critics, viewers’ recognition. This was the real success. Other famous Indian actors cast the picture together with Prabhas. He won the Best Male Role in Filmfare Award category and this win was quite merit.
  • The last film brought the actor to Bollywood. The first film he featured in Bollywood was an action. Than he cast the project on historical theme. He played double role in this film – he was a son and a father at once. The historical saga was shot for a long time. It took two years. It became successful in the young man’s career. Now the film is one of the most box-office successful.    

The Filmography

2002 – “Eeshwar”
2003 – “Raghavendra”
2004 – “Adavi Ramudu”, “Varsham”
2005 – “Chatrapathi,” “Chakram”
2006 – “Pournami”
2007 – “Munna,” “Yogi”
2009 – “Ek Niranjan,” “Billa”
2010 – “Darling”
2011 – “Mr. Perfect”
2012 – “Rebel”
2013 – “Denikaina Ready”
2014 – “Action Jackson”
2015 – “Baahubali: The Beginning”

The Awards

Prabhas gained first place at Filmfare Award category for films “Varsham,” “Chatrapathi,” “Ek Niranjan,” “Denikaina Ready.” Besides, the actor got the award from CineMAA for casting “Darling.”

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