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Results of voting:"Most Beautiful Moroccan Woman"

Nadia Fares a popular French actress, she has become famous for a role in the film "They will never forget."

Nadia Fares French actress photo


  1. Nadia Fares was born in Marrakech, December 20, 1973. She spent her childhood in Morocco. A few years later Nadia has moved to France with her family.
  2. The origin has positively affected on the girl's appearance, it still since childhood drew attention with the beauty.
    1. Nadia Fares beautiful French actress photo
  3. In France, Nadia Fares went to school. She grew up an independent, freedom-loving child. At the age of 15 run away from home. The reason of escape was very romantic - she fell in love and followed her chosen one. Such act has angered parents. The man who has caused such strong feelings in their daughter, was much older than she. The only thing that could to cool their anger is the fact, that Nadia was in love with the Italian billionaire, albeit forty-year-old.
  4. In 18 years the charming, effective girl decides to move in the city of art and love – to Paris. This is where the path begins its singer and actress.

Nadia Fares Maroccan woman photo

Creative career

  • At the first time in the world of cinema the name of Nadia Fares has performed in 1991, when she was invited to the film "Exile". The beginning actress has to coped successfully with the first role, as for the debutant.
  • The second work in the film, "They will never forget", has brought Fares popularity. The film was released, it saw a large number of audience. And soon, Nadia Fares became recognizable, popular.
    • Nadia Fares sexy photo
  • Critics note the work of Fares in the film "Crimson Rivers", "A hornet's nest, "The kingdom of the apes".
  • For the some time the actress is not removed, again she comes to a shooting stage in 2016. She was invited to take part in a TV series "Marseille", many famous French actors were partners in the platform.
  • In the creative biography of Nadia there is also a participation in popular French TV shows. She has performed in leading roles of many programs on the French channels.

Nadia Fares beautiful smile photo

Private life

Nadia Fares is happy mother of two daughters and in marriage with Steve Chasman. They bring up children together.

Nadia Fares picture

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