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Danila Kozlovsky is a young, fairly well-known and promising Russian actor. He has already had in its kitty not a significant role worthy of positive critical acclaim and delight fans.

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Biography of Danila Kozlovsky

  • The actor was born in Moscow, May 3, 1985. Boy was educated with mother because his father left the family. In addition to Daniel, there were grewing up in a family two other boys - senior Egor and junior Ivan. Soon mother married again. For Daniel, it has always remained the most important person in his life, without which he, according to Kozlovsky, did not take place either as an actor or as a person.
  • Danila Kozlovsky grew not very naughty, because of the behavior he often had problems in school. Together with his brothers, he was enrolled in the Cadet Corps. This is largely influenced the formation of the character of the young man.
  • That all changed in the life of Daniel, when the guy went to drama school. He immediately felt that the acting profession is his true calling. Already in 1999, he starred in the TV series "Simple Truth".
  • Cadet Corps Danila Kozlovsky graduated in 2002, then he filed documents to the Military Academy. Nevertheless, the young man decided to link his lives with the movie, entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts.
  • The first role in the theater is Edgard in the play "King Lear". For this role, he even received a prize "Golden Soffit". The following roles are in the performances of "Warsaw Melody", "Bliss".
  • Simultaneously with roles in the theater, a young aspiring actor received offers from film crews. Among the first significant roles is soldier deserter in "Streets of Broken Lamps".
  • Proposals to star actor started to arrive regularly. Roles were large and episodic. Among those which are remembered by the audience are work in the film "We Are from the Future", "Moscow, I love you", "Duxless", "Spy."
  • Critics also noted the successful work of Daniel in the series "It all started in Harbin."
  • After a time, Danila Kozlovsky was in sight of foreign directors. In 2014 he was invited to play in the American film "Vampire Academy."
  • Kozlovsky is a popular and promising actor, and now he also has a lot of interesting proposals in film and theater.

Private life of Danila Kozlovsky

  • At the beginning of an acting career, Daniel had an affair with the beautiful Lisa Boyarskaya. But Lisa's father interrupted the development of a love story.
  • In the year 208 the wedding of Daniel and theater actress Ursula Magdalena Malki. The marriage lasted only three years, the couple soon broke up.
  • An affair with actor Julia Snigir was short too.
  • As informed by the press, the model Olga Zueva was the last relationship of Danila Kozlovsky. Perhaps the novel has prospects, as the girl had moved into the apartment of her favorite.

Danila Kozlovsky: last news

  1. In 2016, Danila Kozlovsky starred in the US-Russian film "Hardcore". This work evaluated positively by critics and audiences.
  2. It is finished shooting a remake of the Soviet film "Crew" in the same year.
  3. Kozlovsky went a significant role in the movie "The Vikings", he played Prince Vladimir.
  4. Work of Kozlovsky is highly appreciated, since the end of 2016 he shared with Bezrukov title "Best Actor of the Year".

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