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Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan is a Turkish model, composer, songwriter, singer, and actor who owns a great advantage among other celebrities. He never hesitates to save an intrigue for his fans by not being an open book to the public. There is still only a little information about his biography and private life. At the moment, he has 945.000 followers on Instagram that don't reflect his hobbies, relationship status, and even friends. Other links: TwitterImdb.


Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan was born in Sivas/Turkey in 13.12.1982. He was a diligent guy that aspired to become a journalist. When he finished school, he joined volunteers to help orphans. In some months he entered university but soon focused on creativity.

In 2007 he took participation in The best model of Turkey among males. Halil didn't win the title, but viewers prognosticated him a successful future in this sphere. As a result, Halil obtained offers in several photoshoots. He was passing a thorny path until he decided to become famous on Youtube.

As Halil had musical talent, he recorded some videos and posted them on the platform. He represented himself not as a cover maker, but as a composer with great potential. His English song "Let me drop" became real luck that brought him fame in 2009. Then Halil started writing in his native language to enlarge the local audience. His clip "Kendini Bana Bırak" got more than 2 million views in 2019. In 2020 Halil finally made his dream true and achieved an invitation from a movie producer.



His debut appeared in "Hemen Döneriz" (2019) where he implemented a secondary role as Abbas Demirhan. The first experience was advantageous and in a year, Halil eventually reached the top! He agreed to perform as the main character in "Emanet" (2020).

There Halil depicted a severe and indifferent businessman Yaman that had to care about his little nephew. He struggled for guardianship with a woman Seher that also loved a boy and wanted to adopt him.

As Halil mentioned, it was a worthy opportunity to start a career as an actor. Unlike the hero, Halil always tries to keep mercy and think with his heart. No wonder, he completely focuses on the activity and doesn't have time for music. When his fans ask about a new album, Halil only says that one day he'll make his best to release something new.

He is now playing in the series "Emanet" season 3.

His hit song has over 2 million views in 5 months.


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halil ceyhan 2023

halil ceyhan 2023 halil ceyhan 2023




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