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Costa rican women are very mannered, affectionate, hospitable, friendly and sociable. Their birthplace is becoming the country of true equality. A study of Geert Hofstede, who is the famous Dutch sociologist, is saying that it is the only Latin American country, where society is more appreciated by the values that are appreciated by female. In all other countries that surround it, the world is built on the dominance of male values.

At this important way, it means that Costa Rica is still in question that there are male and female cases. Girls are responsible for cooking, washing, child rearing, cleaning. On weekends, when men prefer to watch football, women usually spend their time dealing in the kitchen. When it is talking about more conservative families, ladies here are taking care about everything related to housekeeping and family. And this without taking intoconsideration about fact that the opportunities for the development of an equivalent for men and women, for the last fifty years, became in few times more. In schools and universities there are almost the equal quantity of boys and girls. Costa rican women do not take the husband's last name, but the children are signed with the father's last name.

The president of the country was Laura Chinchilla till the May this year. She became the first lady selected at such position. During the election she was using a program of combat poverty. Also L.Chinchilya was a supporter of involving female in the country's life of policy. So it is easy to find out the direction of Costa Rica, if the head is a woman. Unfortunately, the period when she used to be the president, was problematic. Many wrote off this fact that the Laura was not able to cope with her responsibilities. Fortunately, there were also those who could to objectively evaluate her work.

And yet, although the huge role of women in the country is slowly changing, the bulk of domestic responsibilities still lies on the fragile shoulders of costa rican women. The men have such duties, which require the use of force. So guys will cut the grass, paint the house and repair, while the costa rican women will cook and keep the house.

  • 10. Nazareth Cascante (20 October 1990) - winner of "Miss Costa Rica 2012".

    Costa Rican Women, Nazareth Cascante winner Miss Costa Rica 2012

  • 9. Jessica Perez(24 August 1986) - Costa Rican model.

    Costa Rican Women, Jessica Perez Beautiful Costa Rican model

  • 8. Veronica Gonzalez (1986) - Miss Costa Rica 2007.

    Costa Rican Women, Veronica Gonzalez wi9nner Miss Costa Rica 2007

  • 7. Madeleine Stowe(18 August 1958) - American actress. She has Costa Rican roots on the maternal side.

    Beautiful Costa Rican Women, Madeleine Stowe American actress

  • 6. Jessica Umana (2 January 1988) - Miss Costa Rica 2009.

    Costa Rican Women, Jessica Umana winner Miss Costa Rica 2009

  • 5. Leonor Jimenez (1983) - Costa Rican top model.

    Beautiful Costa Rican Women, Leonor Jimenez Costa Rican top model

  • 4. Maribel Guardia (29 May 1959) - Costa Rican actress, model and TV host, working in Mexico, Miss Costa Rica 1978.

    Beautiful Costa Rican Women, Maribel Guardia Costa Rican actress, model and TV host

  • 3. Karina Ramos (14 July 1993) - Miss Costa Rica 2014 , read also:Beautiful Contestants Miss Universe 2014.

    Beautiful Costa Rican Women, Karina Ramos winner Miss Costa Rica 2014

  • 2. Fabiana Granados (8 March 1990) - Costa Rican model and winner of Miss Costa Rica 2013 contest.

    Beautiful Costa Rican Women, Fabiana Granados  Costa Rican model and winner of Miss Costa Rica 2013

  • 1. Johanna Solano(9 October 1990) - Costa Rican model , winner of  Miss Costa Rica 2011.

    Beautiful Costa Rican Women, Johanna Solano Costa Rican model , winner of Miss Costa Rica 2011

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