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After creating the Top's most beautiful Turkish actresses, following my Top 20, I decided to dedicate the beauty and charm of the Turkish actors. It includes Turkish actors past and present years, many of them in the past worked as a model and won a very prestigious modeling contest that later served as a good ticket to the world of cinema. Turkish cinema (movies, series) won their decent place. In many of the Internet fan clubs and forums dedicated to Turkish cinema, as well as actors and actresses.

We all remember such movies as "wren, a bird singing," "My poplar in a red scarf," "My love, my sorrow." The most popular and best Turkish TV series at the moment are the "Magnificent Century", "One Thousand and One Nights", "Falling Leaves", "Ezel", "Forbidden Love." In this top I rate appearance, photogenic, brutal kind, disregarding awards and achievements.

I suggest to read about the most beautiful Turkish singers and find out much more information about Turkish TV series "The Magnificent Century" with a detailed description of the plot, casting actors, interesting facts, and the best shots from the series.


20. Kerem Cem  (born December 28, 1977, Mugla, Turkey) - Turkish pop singer and actor. Led a TV show on national TV (Star TV). His film, "Game of Love", "Two strangers", "Elif".

Kerem Cem turkish actor photo

19. Cansel Elcin (born September 20, 1973, Izmir, Turkey) - French actor of Turkish origin. His family moved to France when he was 9 years old. Fluent in French, English and Turkish, is of French nationality. Movies: "The Last Harem", "Heart in labor", "Adult", "I'm going to look for you", "Malenko apocalypse," "Love loves randomness" series: "The Commissioner Navarro."

Cansel Elcin  turkish actor photo

18. Cagatay Ulusoy (bornSeptember 23, 1990, Istanbul, Turkey) -actor and model.Hismother is fromBosnia.In 2010,he won thecompetition«Best Model of Turkey».Having masteredthe necessaryacting lessons,tried himself asan actorin Turkishfilms and serials.In 2011,was thepremiere of "AnatolianEagles".Inthat filmChagataisuccessfullyplayed amajor role.

Cagatay Ulusoy turkish actor photo

17. Kenan Imirzalioglu (born June 18, 1974, in the village Uchem, Ankara, Turkey) - actor and model. On the advice of fellow student began working as a model at the agency. He took part in the competition "Best Model Of Turkey" and "Best Model Of The World", where he took first place. After victories in competitions Kenan received many invitations to the movies. His films: "Wild Heart: Boomerang Hell," "Blow," "The Last Ataman: Yandim Ali," "Honor," "Way of the Dragon" series: "Crazy Heart", "The pain of life", "Ezel".

Kenan Imirzalioglu turkish actor photo

16. Burak Hakki (born May 23, 1972,Mugla, Turkey (according to other sources in Istanbul) - turkish actor, started as a model, starred in commercials, win the contest "Best Model" in Turkey (1994), was among the winners at competitions "Best Model" in Australia (1995) and Tunisia (1997). He worked as a model, the best fashion houses in Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. Most famous role - Hussein Kenan in the television series "Love Symphony" and other films with his participation: "The Turks in Space", "The Woman."

Burak Hakki turkish actor photo

15. Mehmet Gunsur (born May 8, 1975, Istanbul, Turkey) - actor, model, producer. He graduated from the Italian school in Istanbul. Gained fame after his role as Mehmet in "Turkish bath". He currently lives in Italy. His film, "Good Pope" (Italy), "Don Matteo" (Italy), "Now he's a soldier" (Turkey), "Dead" (USA), "Love loves randomness" (Turkey), the TV series: "The Magnificent century."

Mehmet Gunsur turkish actor photo

14. Birkan Sokullu (born October 6, 1985, Istanbul, Turkey) - Turkish actor, model. He speaks other than Turkish, English and Serbian. Serials with his participation: "Elif", "Little Secrets."

Birkan Sokullu turkish actor photo

13. Halit Ergenc (born April 30, 1970, Istanbul, Turkey) - turkish actor. For a time he worked as a singer and dancer with the singer Aisha Pekkan. He worked in theater, television, starred in many movies and TV shows. His films: "School", "My father and my son," "Cars Revolution," "Bitter Love", "Our lesson: Atatürk", "Guest" series: "Zerde," "Arabian Nights," "The magnificent century ".

Halit Ergentc turkish actor photo

12. Berk Oktay (born October 28, 1982, Ankara, Turkey) - Turkish actor and model. About 6 years with the modeling business. He took part in more than 100 fashion shows. In 2004 he continued his modeling career abroad. In 2007, he returned to Turkey to continue his education and received an offer to star in a movie. Serials with his participation: "Download", "Dangerous streets."

Berk Oktay turkish actor photo

11. Haluk Piyes (born March 30, 1975, Cologne, Germany) - German and Turkish actor, director, screenwriter and producer by the alias Luk Piyes. The parents came from the Turkish city of Adana. Father by nationality - Turkmen. Since 1982, trained as a boxer, was a boxing champion among juniors. He studied law in Cologne, studied at drama school in Los Angeles, USA. He graduated from the Actors Studio in Germany. Since 1995 - worked as a model, including those in the fashion house Gaultier. In 1995 he made his debut in the German TV movie. Filmed in Turkish and German cinema. Most famous role - Ali Pusat in Turkish TV series "Pusat" and as "Enemy in the Mirror" and the Turkish film "Leopards: Operation Cherry".

Haluk Piyes turkish actor photo

10. Mehmet Akif Alakurt (born July 23, 1979, Fats (other sources in Istanbul), Turkey) - Turkish actor and model. In 1998 won "Prince of Turkey" (personal translation of the name of competition from Turkish). In 2001, he won the contest "Best Model of Turkey" and "Best Model of the World." He worked in various model agencies in Turkey and Europe. Since 2002 he has successfully acted in Turkish TV series. Popularity came after the execution of roles in the TV series "The strength and boron." Also starred in the series "Olive branch."

Mehmet Akif Alakurt turkish actor photo

9. Bugra Gulsoy (born February 22, 1982, Ankara, Turkey) - Turkish actor, director, architect, designer and photographer. His films, "I saw the sun," "Shadows and Faces", "good days are coming," series: "What is Fatmagul's Fault."

Bugra Gulsoy turkish actor photo

8. Kenan Kalav (born November 20, 1961, Turkey) - Turkish actor, was born in the German Turkish family. First major role played in the film "The Passion." Success has brought the role in the film adaptation of the novel Kamran Nouri Gyuntekina "The Autobiography of a Turkish Girl." In the early 90's was arrested for drug trafficking in Barcelona (Spain). He was sentenced to ten years in prison, but was pardoned by King Carlos of Spain in 1996, in 1999 he returned to Turkey, where he continued his acting career in film and TV. Kenan Kalala played 25 roles. His other films: "For one night in my life," "Slave of money."

Kenan Kalav turkish actor photo

7. Tolgahan Sayısman (born December 17, 1981, Istanbul, Turkey) - Turkish actor, model, television personality. In 2004 and 2005, won "Best Model of the World". He is famous as the leading roles in a number of romantic comedies. His film, "Goal of My Life", "Love comes unexpectedly," series: " Tulip Age", "Ask the sky."

Tolgahan Sayısman turkish actor photo

6. Tuna Onur (born September 9, 1985, Kanakkale, Turkey) - Actor and model. Series: "Life Goes On," "Arabian Nights."

Tuna Onur

5. Murat Yildirim  (born April 13, 1979, Konya, Turkey) - Turkish actor. Murat played in the student community theater, music, and studied acting at the Drama School. He made his debut in the television series "We have to stay together." He gained popularity after performing the title role in the television series "The Hurricane" (the prize "Golden Orange", 2006) and "Asi." Best film role played in the film "Purgatory (nominated for the award "Golden Orange", 2006). His other films:" The flight on a magic carpet, "" Pain of Autumn ", TV series," Big Lies, "" Love and Punishment ".

Murat Yildirim beauty turkish actor photo

4. Kivanc Tatlitug (born October 27, 1983, Adana, Turkey) - Actor and model, has the title of "Turkish Brad Pitt." In 2002 he won the title of "Best Model of the World", after which he went to France. On the proposal received from Turkey to play in the series, the guy did not hesitate to agree. Mehmed debut role in the series "Gyumyush" brought enormous popularity not only at home, but also far beyond its borders. Other serials with his participation: "Silver", "Menekshe and Khalil," "Forbidden Love", "Ezel", "Kuzey Güney."

Kivanc Tatlitug

3. Burak Ozcivit (born December 24, 1984, Mersin, Turkey) - Turkish actor, in the past - model. In 2003 he won the competition of the male models, won second place in "Best Model of the World." Movies and TV series with his participation: "Impossible Love", "Man on compulsion," "Family Home", "The Magnificent Century".

Burak Ozcivit beauty turkish actor photo

2. Kadir Inanir (Born April 15, 1949, Fatsa, Ordu, Turkey) - Actor. He made his debut in the film "The Last Seven Steps." Among the best works - Kamal in the film "Shame" and "Yılanın Öcü". From 1968 to land roles in 180 films and seven television series. He specialized in the performance of roles of strong, tough guys and men who seek justice. Domestic audience became known after the execution of the male lead in the film adaptation of the novel of Aitmatov "The Girl With the Red Scarf" - kinodrame "Red scarf". A great success with the public enjoyed duet with star Turkish screen Turkan Shoray. His other films, "Return", "Aslan and Daa'imah", "Kitty", "Bridge", "Doctor," and others.

Kadir Inanir beauty turkish actor photo

1. Engin Akurek (born October 12, 1981, Ankara, Turkey) - Turkish actor. To achieve his goal, he left his main profession and decided to become an actor. Thanks to the talented performance at the popular competition "Turkish Stars" caused the admiration of the jury. After taking part in the competition in 2006, starred in the movie "Zeki Demirkubuz". The film "Destiny", he played with great success, and was awarded according to critics was the most promising actor. Then starred in the series "In-law - a foreigner." Even more famous he became, after the show, "I cloud." After this series, to increase the number of fans, grew his hair, changed his image and appearance. Popularity of his TV series, "What is Fatmagul's Fault". 6 million people voted, he was the best actor of the year at the age of 30, won the award "Ayakli Gazete" in the "Best Actor".

Engin Akurek beauty turkish actor photo

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