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 Magnificent Century is the best Turkish TV series

TV series "The MagnificentCentury" (Muhteşem Yüzyıl), which established in Turkey all records for hits, finally caught and foreign screens,easily gathered many fans and admirers. Turkish films, too, by the way, very popular. They can be found in my post- The best Turkish films.

In this post I will talk about this show, the history of its creation, casting, interesting facts. By the way, the show was quite scandalous, it sparked debate in Turkey, has been criticized by various public organizations and political power. Turkish media said they have received about 70,000 complaints to the show because it significantly distort history. Now from the internet you can easily watch or download all the series "The Magnificent Century".

TV series "The Magnificent Century" - it is a beautiful historical epic. Unrealistic grotesque decorations, colorful costumes, the entourage of the time simply admire its splendor. This is one of the greatest and most expensive television projects in 2011 on Turkish television, which was filmed in the year and a half. Series looks at one go, with a great interest in current events, fascinating game of Turkish actors that are laid out in each frame.

Halit Ergenc as Süleyman the Magnificent Century

I want to note that the plot of "The Magnificent Century" is based on real historical events. The basis of the show went to the historical evidence, the facts of the Turkish and world explorers of the time, as well as various short stories, novels. Therefore, the main book, in which filmed this show, do not exist. It presents a collection of historical facts from a variety of sources.

In a scenario is a difficult path Ukrainian beauty, full of intrigue,deceitand treachery behind the scenes, and not without alove interest. The main character's name was Nastya (according to other sources-Alexandra)Lisovskaya,but all over the world remember the name of it Roksolana. Still very young girl, she was captured by Crimean Tatars, after which it was brought to Istanbul, it repeatedly resold, until one day the Turkish Vizier gave it the Sultan Suleiman.

It seemed fate Nastya is obvious -it will all his life in the harem, but everything turned out differently. After she converted to Islam, she was named Hürrem. Its natural beauty, extraordinary wisdom help of a simple concubine become the beloved wife of Suleiman the Magnificent. Hürrem began to administer the real story. Being very young, she nevertheless exert maximum effort in order toachieve their goals and address on the way that hurt her the most. Sultan Suleiman was known as the most violent and powerful ruler of the Ottoman Empire, but nevertheless it was controlled by a wise beauty Hürrem that achieved by the generosity of the Sultan's most cunning tricks of love delusions and bizarresex. She master fully manipulated Sultan and all the courtiers, and her desire to perform - quickly and without question.

Halit Ergenc and Meriem Uzerli in the series Magnificent Century

Casting the actors for the show was pretty serious. With the choice oft he main character for the role of Sultan Suleiman was no special problems, as 40-year-old Turkish actor Halit Ergenc chosen instantly. The role of the main character Hürrem was chosen carefully. Actresses from different countries auditioned for the role of Ukrainian beauty, but most of all lucky Meriem Uzerli. Despite the fact that it is half the Turk for his father, though his whole life she spent in Germany, where her mother had been born, in addition Meriem always considered myself a German, because I was brought up in the German culture. From an early age she wanted to become an actress and learn the basics of acting in Hamburg. After a series Meriem gained wide popularity and his circle of admirers of her talent.

On the history oft he Ottoman Empire was written many books and a documentary films, but no one dared to remove something artistic and powerful in the style of the time, corresponding to the different historical facts, costumes of the time. This series gives viewers a great opportunity to plunge while back stage insidious mystery and intrigue, to experience the intensity of emotions inside, love the characters. This is not just a colorful historical tale, it is a workof art, masterfully depicted in art screen.

Actors and Actresses

Actor series Magnificent Suleiman the Magnificent Century (Halit Ergenc) Actress series Magnificent Century Hürrem (Meriem Uzerli) Mahidevran (NUR AYSAN) series actress magnificent century
Suleiman the Magnificent
(Halit Ergenc)
(Meriem Uzerli)
(Nur Aysan)
Isabella Fortuna (Melike Ipek Yalova) series actress magnificent century Valide Sultan (Nebahat Chehre) series actress Magnificent Century Ibrahim Pasha (Okan Yalabyk) actor series Magnificent Century
Isabella Fortuna
(Melike Ipek Yalova)
Valide Sultan
(Nebahat Chehre)
Ibrahim Pasha
(Okan Yalabyk)
Hatice Sultan (Selma Ergech) series actress Magnificent Century Shehzad Mustafa (Mehmet Gunsur) actor series Magnificent Century Nigar Kalf (Filiz Ahmet) series actress Magnificent Century
Hatice Sultan
(Selma Ergec)
Mustafa Shehzad
(Mehmet Gunsur)
Nigar Kalf
(Filiz Ahmet)
Gyulfem (Selenium Ozturk) series actress Magnificent Century Malkochoglu Bali Bay (Burak Ozchivit) actor series Magnificent Century Mihrimah (Ezgi Asaroglu) series actress Magnificent Century
(Selenium Ozturk)
Malkochoglu BaliBay
(Burak Ozcivit)
(Ezgi Asaroglu)

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