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Spanish women are one of the main characteristics of Spain as they are completely different from the customary European women. All people living there are associated with corrida and football teams, so their temperament is characterized as passionate, fervid and combative. The same can be said about beautiful Spanish women, who have strong characters and are very emotional. All these peculiarities also influence their appearance, which is rather unique and very attractive.
It is the country of sun and sunlight, luxurious beaches and seaside, so it is not surprising that all the ladies have a golden suntan. The appearance of Spanish females fascinates at first sight. They seem to be impregnable, but at the same time you feel some playfulness and desire to get acquainted. Most of them have dark brown hair and deep brown eyes, though each rule has exceptions. Ladies usually wear long bushy hair. You also can’t but mention the hairstyles of them. These are the masterpieces full of charm and a key element in the whole look.
Many women will envy the character of these beautiful creatures, as not every person can be so:

  • Energetic
  • Brave
  • Practical
  • Provident
  • Emotional

They are rather decisive and independent, so only a small number of Spanish women hurry to build up strong and long-lasting relationships. Many girls would rather choose dancing all night long or other kinds of entertainment. Being proud and rather offensive one should omit asking them tactless questions, for example about their age.
One more important benefit of Spanish ladies is their figure. Usually they are strong, fit and pay much attention to taking care of it. There is no man, who can pass by a Spanish lady and not evaluate her long and eye-catching legs. No wonder these girls are fond of shorts, though long black embroided dresses are popular outfits as well.
One more thing to be mentioned is their love of cosmetics. Most of Spanish women prefer foreign examples and what is very interesting they almost do not use lifting creams because their skin does not undergo the aging process as much as in other nationalities. They also fancy perfumes with fruit, grass and flowery aroma.
Fashion in Spain is not a cult. Ladies wear black, brown and grey clothes despite very hot climate. They will usually choose tight jeans, leggings or other trousers and rather loose tops always paying much attention to their comfort. They will not buy high-heeled shoes wearing even skirts with flat platform. But what they definitely must have is a scarf and sunglasses.
In spite of so many advantages some people have a completely different point of view as for the appearance of Spanish females. They find such drawbacks as:

  • Too dark skin
  • Coarse facial features
  • Lack of slim figures
  • A small number of attractive faces
  • Not many good-looking women
  • Old-fashioned appearance etc.

It is quite difficult to argue about these points as the number of women is enormous and it is impossible to label all of them according to several characteristics. But in general Spanish women are considered to be completely not alike with other women and it is the thing that makes them really special.

I present to you the Top 20 most beautiful Spanish women. My rating includes famous actresses, models, TV presenters, queen beauty contests. This rating is based on my personal preferences. I take into account appearance, photogenic, sexuality and sensuality in the image. Talent, merit and achievement of beautiful Spanish women in the life and professional life had no value.

  • 20. Elena Anaya (July 17, 1975) - Spanish actress whose career dates back to 1995. She starred alongside Antonio Banderas in Pedro Almodovar's "The Skin I Live In".

    Elena Anaya beauty Spanish actress

  • 19. Estibaliz Pereira (1986) - Spanish beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Espana 2009 at a gala event held in Cancun, Mexico. She represented Spain in Miss Universe 2009.

    Estibaliz Pereira miss Spain 2009 photo

  • 18. Patricia Rodriguez  (March 6, 1990) - Spanish beauty queen who captured the crown of Miss Espana in 2008 and was a top 15 semifinalist in Miss World 2008.

    Patricia Rodriguez miss Spain photo

  • 17. Eva Gonzales (November 5, 1980) - Spanish beauty pageant winner who represented her country at the Miss Universe 2003 pageant.

    Eva Gonzales spanish model, wife of Raul Gonzalez

  • 16. Alexandra Alonso (7 February 1992) – Spanish fashion model.

    Alexandra Alonso pretty spanish model

  • 15. Diana Morales (1987, Valencia, Spain) - Spanish model.

    Diana Morales, photo, beautiful spanish model

  • 14. Paula Echevarría (7 August 1977) - Spanish actress and model.

    Paula Echevarria spanish actress and photomodel

  • 13. Clara Lago (March 6, 1990) - Spanish actress.

    Clara Lago photo of beautiful spanish actress

  • 12. Rita Hayworth (Margarita Carmen Cansino; October 17, 1918 – May 14, 1987) was an American dancer and film actress who achieved fame during the 1940s as one of the era's top stars.

    Rita Hayworth, photo of american actress and sex simbol Margarita Carmen Cansino

  • 11. Amaia SalamancaUrizar (March 28, 1986) - Spanish actress, best known for her role as Catalina Marcos in the Spanish version of the Colombian TV series "Sin tetas no hay paraíso"

    Beautiful Spanish women Amaia Salamanca famous spanish film actress

  • 10. Nerea Arce (March 10, 1988) - Spanish fashion model, taking part in the world's fashion shows.

    Beautiful Spanish women Nerea Arce famous spanish phomodel

  • 9. Lorena Bernal (born in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina) in 1981. She moved to San Sebastian, Spain, when she was 1 year old. She was Miss Spain 1999 at the age of 17 and couldn´t represent the country in Miss Universe due to her age, so went instead to Miss World where she was between the 10 finalists.

    Beautiful Spanish women Lorena Bernal miss Spain, spanish film and series actress

  • 8. Almudena Fernandez (1 January 1977) - Spanish model.

    Almudena Fernandez famous spanish top model

  • 7. Paz Campos Trigo (2 January 1976), better known as Paz Vega, is a Spanish actress.

    Beautiful Spanish women Paz Vega most beautiful spanish film actress

  • 6. Penelope Cruz (April 28, 1974) - Spanish actress and model.

    Beautiful Spanish women Penelope Cruz very famous spanish actress, Oscar owner

  • 5. Clara Alonso (21 September 1987) - Spanish fashion model.

    Beautiful Spanish women Clara Alonso beautiful spanish model

  • 4. Ariadne Artiles (18 January 1982) -  professional fashion model.

    Beautiful Spanish women Ariadne Artiles  professional spanish top model

  • 3. Carmen Laura Garcia (1987) - Spanish beauty queen. She was 1st runner up in the annual national Miss Spain 2009 at a gala held in Cancun, Mexico. She represented Spain in Miss World 2009.

    Beautiful Spanish women Carmen Laura Garcia first vice-miss Spain 2009

  • 2. Alejandra Andreu (February 25, 1990) - Spanish beauty pageant titleholder who won the 2008 Miss International title in The Venetian Macao, Macau on November 8, 2008.

    Beautiful Spanish women Alejandra Andreu miss International 2008

  •  1. Lara Alvarez (May 29, 1986) - sports journalist and host of sports programs on Spanish TV channels La Sexta and Marca.

    Beautiful Spanish women Lara Alvarez sports journalist and host of sports programs on Spanish TV channels La Sexta and Marca

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