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Polish women are good-natured, kind, cute, communicative, sometimes even with glib tongue. Their beauty is genetic, because since childhood they were teached to show themselves to the society. These girls are thin, vulnerable, sensual and feminine. Woman in this country is stylish all the time. She will never dress incongruous outfit, no matter how fashionable it is. And even the simplest clothes she would wear with incredible elegance. Almost no one girl will go out without makeup.

There is the strong patriarchal, religious traditions, special social culture in Poland. Polish women are sociable, easy getting the contact directly in the manifestation of their emotions. Most polish people may twice in a day or more go to the church, pray, kneel. In contrast to western society, the Poles really appreciate females, who are able to keep the household, cook well, raise children and be worthy wives. A good wife should be able to create a warm atmosphere in the house, the comfort of home, harmony and tranquility. In addition, the wife should appreciate the man and his work, take care of his mental state, constantly give the feeling of how much she need her husband and how important he is for her, praise and pamper him. This is a huge plus of polish women.

Polish women are self-confident: 81% of them consider themselves to be extremely attractive. Presumably, with the help of the golden-haired genes, their grandmothers easily captivated the kings and emperors. These girls are too ambitious, sometimes even excessively.

They follow the world trend in hairstyles, prefer natural colors and natural forms. The image of the contemporary polish women suggests a neat haircut, fresh-washed hair and a small amount of hair.

Polish women dress up the bulk of flashy, preferring comfortable everyday things. Young pretty girls like shapeless clothing of sports type that hides all the advantages of a female figure (however, disadvantages, too). Apparently, in this respect, Poland is trying to be like their western neighbors.

  • 15. Barbara Brylska (5 June 1941) - Polish theater and film actress.

    Beautiful Polish Women - Barbara Brylska Polish theater and film actress.

  • 14. Monika Pietrasinska (2 December, 1987) - Polish photomodel.

    Beautiful Polish Women. Monika Pietrasinska Polish photomodel photo

  • 13. Jacquelyn Jablonski (1991) - American model of Polish and German descent.

    Beautiful Polish Women. Jacquelyn Jablonski, American model of Polish and German descent photo

  • 12. Agnieszka Włodarczyk (13 December 1980) - Polish actress and singer.

    Beautiful Polish Women. Agnieszka Włodarczyk Polish actress and singer

  • 11.Ewelina Olczak (24 August, 1990) - Polish photomodel.

    Beautiful Polish Women. Ewelina Olczak  Polish photomodel

  • 10. Magdalena Wrobel (1975) - Polish model and sex symbol.

    Beautiful Polish Women. Magdalena Wrobel Polish model and sex symbol

  • 9.Iga Wyrwal (20 February) - English photo model and actress of Polish descent.

    Beautiful Polish Women. Iga Wyrwal  English photo model and actress of Polish descent photo

  • 8.Karolina Wydra (1980) - Polish model and actress.

    Beautiful Polish Women. Karolina Wydra  Polish model and actress photo

  • 7. Kasia Smutniak (13 August 1979) - Polish model and actress.

    Beautiful Polish Women. Kasia Smutniak  польская модель и актриса

  • 6. Anja Rubik (12 June 1985) - Polish top model.

    Beautiful Polish Women - Anja Rubik  Polish model and actress

  • 5. Aleksandra Hamkalo (7 June 1988) - Polish actress.

    Beautiful Polish Women. Hamkalo Aleksandra, Polish actress photo

  • 4. Anna Maria Jagodzinska (12 September 1987) - Polish photo model.

      Beautiful Polish Women - Anna Maria Jagodzinska Polish photo model, photo

  • 3. Magdalena Mielcarz (3 March 1978) - Polish actress and model.

    Beautiful Polish Women - Magdalena Mielcarz польская актриса и модель

  • 2. Monika 'Jac' Jagaciak (15 January, 1994) - Polish model.

    Beautiful Polish Women. Monika 'Jac' Jagaciak  Polish actress and model

  • 1. Izabella Scorupco (4 June 1970) - Swedish actress of Polish descent.

    Beautiful Polish Women - Izabella Scorupco Swedish actress of Polish descent

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