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German women are really well endowed with natural beauty. But there is a myth that they are not beautiful. This is not the truth. A lot of pretty girls are with delicate features. It is not noticed because german women do not stick out their femininity and attractiveness. Their choice of clothes is mostly convenient and comfortable, but not always feminine. Mostly dressed in not fitting. They prefer baggy clothes, which absolutely does not emphasize women's attractiveness. Choice of shoes is also guided by convenience, so high heels are not popular here. After marriage and the birth of a child german girls still pay less attention to the selection of clothing. Jewelry are not very popular. They prefer to spend cash on the essentials. But this judgment applies to most cities in Germany, but still, not all of its cities. For example, in Hamburg, girls look very feminine and stylish, and in Frankfurt they are focused on business style.

Their makeup is often minimal. They do not use bright and gaudy colors of makeup, just natural. German women also tend to naturalness in hairstyles. If they dye hair, it is only natural tone.

German women are very picky about the quality of cosmetics. The most popular cosmetic is just a cream. Girls here are directing by their attention on health. They will choose a house in ecologically clean area and eating healthy products. Perhaps the correct way of life provides the majority of their decent figure.

In real life, women in Germany d'not want to look sexy. But when they go out to the restaurant or theater, they dress well. There are more men than women in Germany, and girls are valued at a premium. Woman rules the relationship and dictates the conditions that suit her.

Girls are very independent. They try to achieve everything in the lives by themselves. Someone may call it feminism. But such a thing is women's self-sufficiency and now is gaining momentum in all civilized countries. German women do not cook often. In a german family, both husband and wife work, then all the household duties are divided in half. It is so common and natural that not even discussed.

  • 18. Jeanette Biedermann (February 22, 1980) - German actress.

    Beautiful German Women - Jeanette Biedermann

  • 17. Lena Johanna Gercke  (February 29, 1988) - German fashion model.

     Beautiful German Women - Lena Johanna Gercke

  • 16. Charlott Cordes (December 6, 1988) - German fashion model.

    Beautiful German Women - Charlott Cordes

  • 15. Eva Habermann (January 16, 1976) - German actress.

    Beautiful German Women - Eva Habermann

  • 14. Letícia Birkheuer (April 25, 1978) - Brazilian fashion model of German descent.

    Beautiful German Women - Letícia Birkheuer

  • 13. Carole Lombard (October 6, 1908 – January 16, 1942) -American actress.

    Beautiful German Women - Carole Lombard, photos

  • 12. Karin Dor (22 February 1938) - German actress.

    Beautiful German Women - Karin Dor, photo, german actress

  • 11. Toni Garrn - German model.

    Beautiful German Women - Toni Garrn, photo, german model

  • 10. Claudia Schiffer (25 August 1970) - German model.

    Beautiful German Women - Claudia Schiffer german top model

  • 9. Anne Julia Hagen (May 22, 1990, Karlotenburg) - "Miss Germany- 2010."

    Beautiful German Women - Anne Julia Hagen

  • 8. Veruschka von Lehndorff (14 May 1939) - German model, actress.

    Beautiful German Women - Veruschka von Lehndorff, photo, german model and actress

  • 7. Magdalena Neuner (9 February 1987) - retired German professional biathlete.

    Beautiful German Women - Magdalena Neuner german beautiful sportswoman

  • 6. Diane Kruger (15 July 1976) - German actress.

    Beautiful German Women - Diane Kruger German photomodel

  • 5. Heidi Klum  (June 1, 1973) -  German-American model.

    Beautiful German Women - Heidi Klum German topmodel, actress and TV presenter

  • 4. Ursula Thiess (May 15, 1924 – June 19, 2010) - German film actress.

    Beautiful German Women - Ursula Thiess german actress

  • 3. Julia Stegner (November 2, 1984, Munich)  - German model.

    Beautiful German Women - Julia Stegner  german photomodel

  • 2.  Nastassja Kinski (24 January 1961) - German actress.

    Beautiful German Women - Nastassja Kinski  german actress

  • 1. Dia Mirza (9 December, 1981) - Indian model and actress.

    Beautiful German Women - Dia Mirza Indian actress

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