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Many people share an opinion that there is no difference in appearance between Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian women. All women of this nationalities have similar look: fair eyes and white skin. However, the beauty of women referred to the first two countries is widely spread. And few know about women from Belarus. All this is due to the fact that the country is located at the East Europe and have no Russian-speaking neighbors.

Nevertheless, Belarusian women have a stunning beauty that looks quite natural and charming. They managed to find a compromise between health, beauty and sexy appearance. Some people believe that all little girls in this country are taught to the rules of body treatment, as like eating healthy and mean food and doing certain exercises. But of course, this is not true. This country’s lifestyle coincides with many other countries living.

But one thing is taught to the girls since childhood. We mean high moral standards, that include some rules about not having casual love affairs, respecting the older ones, being loyal to the future husband, and allow him managing the family. That is the reason why Belarusian women become wonderful, understanding, loyal and respectful wives. They are extremely faithful and place family and husband on the first place in their lives. These women have a talent for cooking potato. By the way, this vegetable is highly appreciated by all locals. Nevertheless, the majority of women in Belarus have slim figure.

As in many nations, Belarus have its own national treasures. The local girls became a global pageant beauty winners many times. There are many celebrities, as like singers, models, actresses, writers in the world that have Belarusian roots. Today we have screened hundreds of this country female representatives and gathered for you in one place the most beautiful and attractive Belarusian women, who work in different industries, such as cinema, music, theatre, modeling, beauty pageant content winners and others.

  • 10.Tatiana Lukashenko (October 9) - Belarusian singer.

    Tatiana Lukashenko Belarusian singer

  • 9. Ekaterina Domankova (September 19, 1988) - Belarusian top model.

    Ekaterina Domankova Belarusian top model

  • 8.Julia Sindeeva (1987)- vice Miss Belarus-2006.

    Julia Sindeeva vice Miss Belarus-2006

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  • 7. Anastasia Pogranichnaya (1991) - second vice Miss Belarus-2012.

    Anastasia Pogranichnaya second vice Miss Belarus-2012

  • 6. Anastasia Magronova (March 31, 1985) - Belarusian model and TV presenter.

    Beautiful Belarus Women - Anastasia Magronova Belarusian model and TV presenter

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  • 5.Natalia Ryabova (1994) - winner Miss Deaf International-2012.

    Natalia Ryabova Beautiful Belarusian women

  • 4. Alesa Kacher (May 9,1987) - Russian actress.

    Alesa Kacher Beautiful Woman from Belarussia

  • 3. Olga Fadeeva (October 15, 1978) - Belarusian and Russian theater and film actress.

    Beautiful Belarus Women - Olga Fadeeva Belarussan and Russian actress

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  • 2. Anna Kindruk (June 26, 1988)- first vice Miss Belarus-2010.

    Anna Kindruk first vice Miss Belarus-2010

  • 1. Julia Skalkovich (January 5, 1992) - Miss Belarus-2012 winner.

    Julia Skalkovich Most Beautiful Belarussian woman

    Julia Skalkovich Miss Belarus-2012 winner

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