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Italian women have the most graceful beauty. The set of beautiful thick hair, bright fathomless eyes and sensual lips characterize the real italian woman. Southerners have more dark hair and dark skin tone. And all the italian women are combined with stunning smiles. Sometimes it seems that italians were born with such smiles on their lips. Italian women are the most emancipated women in Europe. They are emotional, impulsive and charming and their own beauty secrets help them to stay beautiful at any age. Features of the national self-care are related to the specific of Italy: hot sun, an abundance of fruit, proximity to the sea, traditions of hospitality. That is why the Italians are mostly dark-skinned, smiling, slender, democratic in choosing clothes and open for communication. The secret of italian charm is in jerky movements, self-love, positive thinking and a willingness to share other people's joys and sorrows. Women in sunny Italy are confident of their attractiveness, so everyday they prefer to use easy natural makeup. That is why italian natural beauty attracts best designers in the world. Now you can see Top-15 the most beautiful Italian women.

  • 15. Sophia Loren (20 September 1934) - Italian actress and singer.

    Beautiful Italian Women Sophia Loren Italian actress and singer photo

  • 14. Claudia Cardinale (15 April 1938) - Italian actress.

    Beautiful Italian Women Claudia Cardinale Italian actress photo

  • 13. Melissa Satta (7 February 1986) - Italian-American model, TV host and actress.

    Beautiful Italian Women Melissa Satta photo Italian-American model

  • 12. Cristina Buccino (16 June 1985) – Italian model and TV host.

    Beautiful Italian Women. Cristina Buccino Italian model and TV host photo

  • 11. Elisa Sednaoui (14 December 1987) - Italian model and actress.

    Beautiful Italian Women Eliza Sednayui Italian model and actress 

  • 10. Cosima Coppola (17 October, 1983) - Italian actress.

    Beautiful Italian Women.

  • 9. Laura Torrisi (7 December 1979) - Italian actress.

    Beautiful Italian Women. Laura Torrisi Italian actress photo

  • 8. Silvia Mazzieri (born 1991) - member of the national contest "Miss Italy - 2010", winner of the title "Miss Cinema 2010".

    Beautiful Italian Women. Silvia Mazzieri member of the national contest Miss Italy - 2010

  • 7. Vanessa Hessler (21 January 1988) - Italian actress and photo model. Vanessa Essler was born in Rome. She lived in Rome until 8 years old and then moved to Washington to her father. In 2002 Vanessa returned to Italy to begin her career as model. Vanessa became the face of European brand Alice in Germany. She also regularly appeared in advertisements of such brands as Calvin Klein, L'Oréal, Giorgio Armani, and Ferrero SpA. She used to be the face of the european brand of Alice DSL, which terminated contract with her due to her public comments about the Gaddafi family. She was dating with their son for four years. Vanessa is considered one of the most attractive italian women.

    Beautiful Italian Women. Vanessa Hessler Italian actress and photo model

  • 6. Olivia Culpo (8 May 1992)  - American model and winner Miss Universe 2012. Her parents from Italy.

    Beautiful Italian Women. Olivia Culpo winner Miss Universe 2012

  • 5. Monica Bellucci (30 September 1964) - Italian film actress and model.

    Beautiful Italian Women.Monica Bellucci Italian film actress and model

  • 4. Bianca Balti (19 January 1984) - Italian model. Her first advertising contract model was signed with Dolce & Gabbana in 2005. She also starred for the mens magazine Playboy in summer 2009. In 2005 the model involved in the Victoria's Secret show and starred for the directory name brand products.

    Beautiful Italian Women. Bianca Balti Italian model photo

  • 3. Fabiana Tambosi (2 July 1982) - Brazilian model with Italian roots.

    Beautiful Italian Women. Fabiana Tambosi Brazilian model with Italian roots

  • 2. Pier Angeli (19 June 1932 - 10 September 1971) - Italian actress.

    Beautiful Italian Women. Pier Angeli photo

  • 1. Gina Lollobrigida (4 July 1927) - famous Italian actress, most beautiful among Italian Women.

    Beautiful Italian Women.Gina Lollobrigida famous Italian actress

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