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Russian women are generally recognized as the most beautiful. In Western countries, any russian woman with any appearance she was given by nature, is considered to be in the circle of the elect the most charming.

There are reasons to talk about the ways for the beauty of these girls.

  • Climatic conditions. The sun is shining well in Russia in summer, by which the skin of girls and women gets smooth and attractive tan. A girl in winter keep warm from tasty and wholesome food.
  • Mixing a lot of blood. Wars and resettlements are the result of the fact that the russian land is settled with foreigners. Children, respectively, were born with special characteristics.
  • Using natural cosmetics. Russian  girls love makeup. But they do it only in the case with a natural cosmetics without chemicals. And such cosmetics retain youthful skin, improve beauty.

Russian women know how to love themselves and their beauty. And also are able to present the correct external charming beauty on their own.  Russian women have all the features that men are valued: long fingers, elegance, delicate hands, gait flying, perfect manicure, thin ankles, blooming smile, kindness and femininity.

The beauty phenomenon of russian women has a logical explanation. The witch-hunt took place n the Middle Ages in Europe, during which women were seen as witches. The witch's hallmark was beauty. Most of beautiful women were burned. If the newborn girl was too pretty, she was often killed with a fear of being a witch. There were also cases of charging women of witchcraft in Russia, but in mostly there was no witch hunting in such a massive scale as in Europe. The image of witches in Russia was different from the European one. In Russia, a witch was never associated with a pretty young girl, as in Europe, on the contrary. A witch was represented as a disgusting old woman with a hooked nose. So, usually old women, who collected herbs and healing, were considered witches.

18. Maria Sharapova (19 April 1987) - Russian tennis player, honored master of sports.

Beautiful Russian Women. Maria Sharapova Russian tennis player. photo

17. Natalia Vodianova (28 February 1982) - Russian top-model.

Beautiful Russian Women. Natalia Vodianova  photo, Russian top-model

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16. Alena Shishkova (12 November 1992) - Russian model and second vice Miss Russia 2012.

Beautiful Russian Women. Alena Shishkova photo, Russian model and second vice Miss Russia 2012

15. Yulia Alipova (1991, Balakovo) - Miss Russia 2014.


14. Victoria Lopyreva (26 July 1983) - Russian model and TV host, Miss Russia 2003.

Beautiful Russian Women. Victoria Lopyreva, Russian model and TV host, Miss Russia 2003

13. Valentina Zelyaeva (Zeliaeva) (11 October 1982) - Russian model.

Валентина Зеляева / Valentina Zelyaeva (Zeliaeva) photo,  Russian model

12. Sofia Rudieva (15 November 1990) — Russian model, Miss Rusia 2009.

Beautiful Russian Women. София Рудьева photo,Russian model, Miss Rusia 2009

11. Irina Shayk (6 January 1986) - famous Russian model.

Beautiful Russian Women. Irina Shayk photo, famous Russian model

10. Ekaterina Guseva (9  July 1976) - Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Russia (2009).

Beautiful Russian Women. Ekaterina Guseva photo, Russian theater and film actress

9. Yulia Snegir (2 June 1983) - Russian actress, TV presenter and model.

Beautiful Russian Women. Yulia Snegir photo, Russian actress and model

8. Marina Aleksandrova (29 August 1982) - Russian actress.

Beautiful Russian Women. Marina Aleksandrova photo, Russian actress

7. Maria Sittel (9 November 1975) - Russian TV host.

Beautiful Russian Women. Maria Sittel photo, beautiful Russian TV host

6. Natalia Pereverzeva (10 November 1988) — Russian photomodel, Miss Moscow 2010 and Russian beauty 2011.

Beautiful Russian Women. Natalia Pereverzeva photo, Russian photomodel, Miss Moscow 2010

5. Victoria Bonya (27 November 1979) — Russian TV radio host and actress.

Beautiful Russian Women. Victoria Bonya photo, Russian TV radio host and actress

4. Anna Sedokova (16 December 1982) — Ukranian pop singer and actress.

Beautiful Russian Women. Anna Sedokov photo, kranian pop singer and actress

3. Tatiana Kotova (3 September 1985) — Russian singer, Miss Russia 2006.

Beautiful Russian Women. Tatiana Kotovaа photo, Russian singer, Miss Russia 2006

2. Natalie Glebova (11 November 1981) - "Miss Universe 2005".

Beautiful Russian Women. Natalie Glebova photo, Miss Universe 2005

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1. Oxana Fedorova (17 December 1977) - Russian TV host, model and singer, Miss Russia 2001 and Miss Universe 2002. 1st placein rankong of beautiful Russian Women.

Beautiful Russian Women. Oxana Fedorova photo, Miss Russia 2001 and Miss Universe 2002

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