The most beautiful modern Russian actresses

I am pleased to present to you my Top 36 the most beautiful Russian actresses of the modern Russian movies and TV series.

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36. Alina Sandratskaya  (born 22 May 1984 , Moscow) - Russian theater and film actress, film director by profession.

beautiful russian actresses, Alina Sandratskaya photo

35. Elena Korikova (born 12 April 1972, Tobolsk) - Russian film and theater actress.

beautiful russian actresses, Elena Korikova photo

34. Valeria Lanskaya  (born 2 January 1987, Moscow, USSR) - Russian film and theater actress.

beautiful russian actresses, Valeria Lanskaya photo

33. Kristina Asmus  (born 14 April 1988, Kaliningrad, Moscow region) - Russian film and theater actress.

Kristina Asmus photo, beautiful russian actress

32. Nataliya Gudkova (born 23 October 1977, Gorky, USSR) - Russian film and theater actress.

Nataliya Gudkova photo, beautiful russian actresses

31. Evgeniya Chirkova (born 29 October 1974, Krasnodar) - Russian film and theater actress.

Evgeniya Chirkova photo, most beautiful russian actresses,

30. Yana Studilina (born 6 August 1985, Omsk, USSR) - Russian film and theater actress, fashion model, TV host.

Yana Studilina photo, beautiful russian actresses,

29. Nastasya Samburskaya  (born 1 March 1987, Priosersk, Leningrad region) - Russian actress.

Nastasya Samburskaya photo, beautiful russian actresses,

28. Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya (born 30 August 1985, Vitegra, Vologda region) - Russian singer, actress  and TV host.Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya photo, beautiful russian actresses

27. Ekaterina Klimova (born 24 January 1978, Moscow, USSR) - Russian film and theater actress.

Ekaterina Klimova photo, beauty actress of Russia

26. Polina Maksimova (born 12 July, 1989, Moscow) - Russian actress.

Polina Maksimova photo, young russian actreses

25. Tatyana Arntgolts (born 18 March 1982, Kaliningrad) - Russian actress.

Tatyana Arntgolts photo, beautiful russian actresses

24. Zoya Berber  (born 1 September 1987, Perm) - Russian film actress.

Zoya Berber beautiful photos, beautiful russian actresses

23. Evgeniya Hirivskaya (also Evgenia Brik; born 3 September 1981, Moscow) - Russian theter and film actress. She worked as a fashion model.

Evgeniya Hirivskaya Brik photo, beautiful russian actresses

22. Marina Petrenko (born 19 January 1987, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukrainian SSR) - Russian and Ukrainian actress.

Marina Petrenko photo, beautiful russian actresses

21. Anastasiya Makeeva (born 23 December 1981, Krasnodar) - Russian actress. She worked as a fashion model.

Anastasiya Makeeva photo, beautiful actress of Russia

20. Maria Kozhevnikova (born 14 November 1984, Moscow) - Russian actress.

Maria Kozhevnikova photo, beautiful russian actress

19. Svetlana Hodchenkova  (born 21 January 1983, Moscow, USSR) - Russian theater and film actress.

Svetlana Hodchenkova photo, beautiful russian actresses

18. Olga Pavlovets (born 9 May 1981, Saint-Petersburg) - Russian actress.

Olga Pavlovets photo, beautiful russian actresses

17. Uliya Zimina  (born 4 June 1981, Krasny Kut, Saratov region) - Russian actress and TV host.

Uliya Zimina photo, beautiful russian actresses

16. Anna Azarova  (born 26 August 1980) — Russian actress and fasion model. For eight years she worked abroad.

Anna Azarova photo, beautiful russian actresses

15. Anna Snatkina (born 13 July 1983, Moscow) - Russian theater and film actress.

Anna Snatkina photo, beautiful russian actresses

14. Evgeniya Trofimova (born 1983, Omsk) - As a teenager, she worked as a professional top model in France, took part in the shows of the world's leading fashion designers.

Evgeniya Trofimova photo, beautiful russian actresses

13. Natalya Rudova (born 2 Jume 1983, Pakhtakor, Uzbekistan) - fashion model, Russian actress.

Natalya Rudova photo, beautiful russian actresses

12. Nadezhda Bakhtina (born 14 August 1979, Pushkino) - Russian actress.

Nadezhda Bakhtina photo, beautiful russian actresses

11. Anna Kovalchuk (born 15 June 1977, Neustrelitz, GDR) - Russian film and theater actress , Honored Artist of Russia.

Anna Kovalchuk photo, beautiful russian actresses

10. Elizaveta Boyarskaya (born 20 December 1985, Leningrad) - Russian actress,  the daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya photo, beautiful russian actresses

9. Anna Kalashnikova  (born 13 June, 1984, Stavropol) - Russian actress, singer and TV host.

Anna Kalashnikova photo, beautiful russian actresses

8. Anastasiya Mikulchina  (born 4 August 1983,  Bendery, Moldavian SSR) - Russian actress.

Anastasiya Mikulchina photo, beautiful russian actresses

7. Anna Gorshkova  (born 28 November 1983, Moscow, USSR) -Russian actress and photo model.

Anna Gorshkova photo, beautiful russian actresses

6. Ekaterina Guseva  (born 9 July 1976, Moscow) - Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Russia.

Ekaterina Guseva photo, beautiful russian actresses

5. Uliya Snigir (born 2 June 1983,  Donskoy, Tula region) - Russian actress, TV host and photo model.

Uliya Snigir photo, beautiful russian actresses

4. Marina Aleksandrova  (real last name Pupenina; born 29 August 1982, Hungary) -Russian actress.

Marina Aleksandrova photo, beautiful russian actresses

3. Uliya Parshuta (born 23 April 1988, Sochi) - singer of "Yin and Yang", the actress youth series.

Uliya Parshuta photo, beautiful russian actresses

2. Olga Fadeeva  (born 15 October 1978, Minsk)  - Belarusian and Russian theater and film actress

Olga Fadeeva photo, beautiful russian actresses

1. Agniya Ditkovskyte  (born 11 May 1988, Vilnius) - Lithuanian, Russian actress. Her mother, a famous Russian actress Tatyana Lyutaeva.

Agniya Ditkovskyte photo, most beautiful russian actress

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