The most beautiful female TV presenters in the world

In my Top-35 most beautiful TV presenters are leading world news, sports, information and entertainment programming from Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia and Africa. I did not consider the merits and talents of girls in television, their mega-pop, paying attention only to the appearance, photogenic and demeanor in the frame. The top includes both presenters, who are currently leading the program on TV, and those who have completed their careers.

 35. Mirela Boureanu Vaida (born March 16, 1982, Romania) - Romanian actress, singer, leading various talk shows.

Mirela Boureanu Vaida Romanian actress, singer and TV presenter photo

34. Heidi Watney  (born May 19, 1981) - American sports writer. Since 2011 worked as a sports reporter in Los Angeles.

Heidi Watney American sportswriter

33. Carrie Milbank (B. 1978, Houston, Texas) - American model, actress and television presenter. She is currently presenter of the program "Hockey Show" on NHL. She is also a screenwriter, producer and presenter of the show "Hot On!".

Carrie Milbank American model, actress and TV presenter

32. Daniela Romo (born August 27, 1959, Mexico City) - Mexican singer, actress and TV host numerous talk shows.

Daniela Romo Mexican singer, actress and TV presentersee also: Best Mexican actresses

31. Laura Whitmore (born May 4, 1985, County Wicklow, Ireland) - Irish TV presenter on MTV Europe.

Laura Whitmore  Irish television presenter for MTV Europe

30. Jose Toledo (born 1963, Gran Canaria, Spain) - Spanish model and television presenter.

Jose Toledo  Spanish model and TV presenter

29. Gabriela Cristea (born October 26, 1974, Oltenita, DC Calarasi, Romania) - Romanian TV presenter. Since 2007 he has been working on Kanal D. She is TV presenter of reality show "Nora pentru mama".

Gabriela Cristea  Romanian TV presenter

28. Patricia Conde (born October 5, 1979, Valladolid, Spain) - Spanish actress, comedian, television host and model. In 1999 she took part in the "Miss Spain" representing Mr. Palencia, and soon after began working in television, has been leading a number of TV shows. Her first job was the role of the leading comic known television program "El informal" ("Informal"). She took part in the TV series "Lady Kana" and in programs such as "Un domingo cualquiera" ("Every Sunday"), "7 dias al desnudo" ("Nude Week").

Patricia Conde  Spanish actress, comedian, television host and model

27. Charissa Thompson (born May 4, 1982) - American TV host and sports commentator, who since September 2011 working on ESPN. He previously worked on Fox Sports and Versus, as well as GSN and the Big Ten Network. He is currently the co-host of SportsNation with Colin Cowherd, changing  Michelle Beadle in July 2012

Charissa Thompson  American TV host and sports commentator

26. Aleksandra Obradovic (born June 29, 1984, Belgrade) - Serbian television presenter.

Aleksandra Obradovic  Serbian television presenter

25. Cristina Dochianu (born July 10,1984, Bucharest, Romania) - Romanian TV presenter on the news channel.

Cristina Dochianu Romanian TV presenter

24. Melanie Collins (b. 1989, Pennsylvania, USA) - American leading sports news channel NBA TV, and a former correspondent for Big Ten. In December 2008, she was named one of the top-30 "Sexiest sports reporters" according to Playboy. In 2008 she was invited as a speaker at the Big Ten Network.

Melanie Collins  American TV sports news channel on NBA TV

23. Sylvie Francoise van der Vaart (born April 13, 1978, North Brabant, Netherlands) - Dutch model, actress and presenter, wife of soccer player Rafael van der Vaart. Works with leading Dieter Bohlen and Motes Mabuse in the TV show "Super Talent" on channel RTL.

Sylvie Francoise van der Vaart  Dutch model, actress and presenter, wife of footballer Rafael van der Vaart

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22. Pilar Rubio (born March 17, 1978, Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain) - Spanish journalist and television presenter. Became known for her reportorial work in the program Se lo que hicisteis (See what you've done) for the channel La Sexta.

Pilar Rubio  Spanish journalist and television presenter

21. Ghida Fakhry (born 1970, Beirut, Lebanon) - Lebanese journalist and one of the main presenters on the news channel Al-Jazeera English headquarters in Doha. Since January 2010, she also presented her documentary film "Witness", which became one of the winners of programs dedicated to the documentary chronicle.

Ghida Fakhry  Lebanese journalist and one of the main leaders in the news channel Al-Jazeera English

20. Ana Maria Picasso (born July 24, 1984, Lima, Peru) - Peruvian journalist and TV sports news on TV channel Univision. Since 2010, led the program La costa ("On the beach"), and then went to work in the RPP Noticias channel, with two programs. In 2012, she joined the channel TV Plus program with Oh! Diosas ("Oh Goddess").

Ana Maria Picasso Peruvian journalist and TV sports news on TV channel Univision

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19. Adriana Monsalve (born 1977, Caracas, Venezuela) - ESPN reporter in Central and South America, co-host of a sports show.

Adriana Monsalve  ESPN correspondent in Central and South America

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18. Sara Carbonero (born February 3, 1984, Corral de Almager, Toledo) - Spanish channel Telecinco television presenter and sports journalist. In July 2009, was recognized as the sexiest reporter in the world by FHM USA.

Sara Carbonero  Spanish channel Telecinco television presenter and sports journalist

17. Sana Tariq (born 1981) - TV host on Pakistani television. Some time has been a news anchor, but then began to lead a morning program, where she talks about the different facts, interviews with celebrities.

Sana Tariq  presenter of television shows on Pakistani TV

16. Eda Marcus (born 20 August 1982, Bucharest) - the news announcer on the Romanian television.

Eda Marcus Newscasters on Romanian TV

15. Daisy Fuentes (born November 17, 1966, Havana, Cuba) - Cuban-American TV host, model and humorist. Broke barriers as the first Latina in the role of VJ at MTV, as she became the first Latina to sign a contract with Revlon. Started to work as a leading weather and evening news block. It is considered one of the sexiest TV presenters in the world.

Daisy Fuentes Cuba American TV host, model and comedian

 14. Afef Jnifen (born November 3, 1963, Medenine, Tunisia) - dancer, model, an Italian television presenter. In the mid-90's got experience in television as a guest not only entertaining, but also the political TV shows and then she began to lead telecasts in prime time.

Afef Jnifen  dancer, model, Italian TV presenter

13. Wafaa Kilani  - egyptian television presenter, known for its programs: "Ghanyli", "Fiha Eih", "Soundouk Il Donia", "Ded El Tayyar" and "Bidoun Rakaba".

Wafaa Kilani  Egyptian TV presenter

12. Nieves Alvarez (born March 30, 1975, Madrid, Spain) - Spanish model and TV presenter show about fashion Solo Moda.

Nieves Alvarez  Spanish model and TV shows about fashion

11. Sarah Jane Dias (born December 3, 1982, Muscat, Oman) - Indian actress, Femina Miss India 2007, and VJ on Channel V. At 21, she won a talent show, which gave her a chance to become the leader on the TV.

Sarah Jane Dias Indian actress and TV presenter

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10. Nadine Aghnatios (born September 15, 1977, Lebanon) - Lebanese TV presenter news.

Nadine Aghnatios Lebanese TV presenter. Beautiful World presenters photo

9. Jackie Guerrido (born September 24, 1972, San Juan, Puerto Rico), journalist and host of the weather.

Jackie Guerrido  journalist and host of the weather. Beautiful World presenters photo

8. Nur Fettahoglu (Aysan) (born November 12, 1980, Duisburg, Germany) - Turkish-German actress. Was the presenter in News Exchange on channel "Sky Turk."

Nur Fettahoglu (Aysan) Turkish-German actress. TV presenters beautiful photo

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7. Zara "Layla" Kayleigh (born January 26, 1984, London, England) - British-American TV host show The Feed segment of G4's Attack of the Show! and co-host of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV.


6. Maria Menounos (born June 8, 1978, Medford, USA) - American fashion model, TV presenter and journalist. In 1996 won the contest «Miss Massachusetts Teen USA». In 2006, along with Sakis Rouvas became a leading Eurovision Song Contest 2006. In the U.S., known as a correspondent for the program Today, Access Hollywood, Extra.

Maria Menounos American fashion model, TV presenter and journalist. the most beautiful TV presenters photo

5. Mona Abou Hamze (born July, 1972, according to other data October 2, 1968, Beirut, Lebanon) - Lebanese TV presenter on Druze Lebanese TV. Also leads a talk show called "Talk Of The Town" on Channel Murr Television. Won the Murex d'Or Award in the "Best TV presenter."

Mona Abou Hamze Lebanese TV presenter. the most beautiful TV presenters photo

4. Melissa Theuriau (born 18 July 1978, ECHIROLLES, Isère) - French journalist and news anchor for M6. She studied journalism and became an announcer on television. As a result of online voting it recognized the most beautiful reporter of the world. At present, it is one of the main editors and leading on the French TV.

Melissa Theuriau  French journalist. beautiful photo presenters

3. Lara Alvarez (born May 29, 1986, Gijon, Spain) - sports journalist and host of sports programs on Spanish TV channels La Sexta and Marca.

Lara Alvarez  sports journalist. the most beautiful presenters photo 

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2. Kirsty Gallacher (born January 21, 1976, Edinburgh, Scotland) - Scottish TV presenter, star of TV sports channel Sky Sports.

Kirsty Gallacher  Scottish television presenter. the most beautiful presenters photo

1. Cheryl Ann Cole (born June 30, 1983, Newcastle, UK) - British singer, model, host of the show X Factor UK.

Cheryl Ann Cole  host of the show. the most beautiful presenters photo 

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#1 livianivamor 2013-12-23 07:07
i'm like so much TV presenter female. all beautiful women.......... .
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... zeinab badawi? There were no black woman? Even in your Hollywood most beautiful actresses list...Halle Berry, Dorothy Dandridge, Kerry Washington?
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You rilly look beautiful.
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you were doing just fine and then Cheryl cole comes along... what were you thinking?? :o
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What a combination of the most beautiful.every country parades someone looking good.
How many of these beautiful girls are married? To also procreate similarly beautiful children.i and others want answers and action of going to the alter.
#6 Andrea N 2014-10-23 11:53
In Italy: Michelle Hunziker (swiss but lives and works in Italy) and Ilary Blasi (italian)
#7 bloger 2014-11-02 11:12
Interesting not a single brown or black woman, because its all about the skin color. Lets see what these women really look like without their mask or plastic surgery they have done!
#8 Peter 2014-12-18 07:21
God, these picks are typical of those adolescents who may be enthralled with the Playboy look.

You've ignored such seriously gorgeous (& intelligent) women of France 24, most remarkably Michele Ferguson.
#9 Admin 2014-12-18 16:45
Quoting Peter:
God, these picks are typical of those adolescents who may be enthralled with the Playboy look.
You've ignored such seriously gorgeous (& intelligent) women of France 24, most remarkably Michele Ferguson.

This rating is not about such seriously gorgeous and intelligent, super professional women. This is the ranking
of the most beautiful women on TV.
#10 citya 2015-01-15 20:43
very nice lady's, are there no black presenters who also could be included
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