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A bit more than 50 years passed since the time, when Afro-American people got equal right with white ones. However, since that time the world has known many famous black women in history. Who are they?  

  1. Oprah Winfrey

Forbes several times included her in the ratings of the most influential women, and in 2013, Oprah topped this rating. She acted in film, influenced the course of high-profile court cases, and gave people cars on the air of the show of the name of herself, which she created. After 25 successful seasons, the host closed the show, in order to open her OWN channel. Now this lady, belonging to famous black women is actively acting in movies.

  1. Halle Berry

Halle is the first black-skinned actress, who was awarded the Oscar for the main female role (Monster Ball, 2001). The way to Hollywood for her began with beauty contests. She became the first African American representative of the USA in Miss World (1986) where she was the 6th. She played different roles: from former drug addicts to decent housewives or victims of mental disorders. Berry is interested in strange, provocative roles, as evidenced by the appearance in the scandalous Movie 43.

  1. Whitney Houston

Even terrorist number #1 Osama bin Laden adored her and threatened to punish everyone who offends the pop diva. Whitney is among the 10 most commercially successful performers in the music, and the song I Will Always Love You is considered the best-selling single in the world. Fans still do not believe in her ridiculous death.

  1. Whoopi Goldberg

Before becoming an actress, Whoopi was engaged in various jobs — from stacking bricks to making faces in the morgue. She never graduated from acting classes, but in childhood this lady also belonging to the most famous black women played in experimental plays. Being 19, she performed in a theater in San Diego. One day her colleague fell ill, and Whoopi had to play several roles at once, changing clothes behind the scenes. In 1991, Whoopi Goldberg received the Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA awards for her role in the Ghost.

  1. Tina Turner

Mick Jagger admitted that he copied a couple of dance moves from the performances of Tina Turner. The actress is on the list of the top 10 dancers in the world and has 8 Grammy awards. According to legend, success came to her after the confirmed vocalist did not come to record the song A Fool in Love, and at the last moment Tina recorded the song. After that, Anna Mei Bullock (her real name) took the pseudonym of Tina Turner and began the impetuous path to recognition. No one counted the number of gold and platinum records of Turner, this famous black woman in history of music.

  1. Serena Williams

This lady was the 1st racket of the Golden Helmet. Serena is the four-time Olympic champion, record holder in the amount of prize money and the oldest tennis player, who headed the rating in women's singles. Williams produces sportswear under her own brand Aneres, collaborates with Nike, Puma and Reebok. Serena also opened two schools in Kenya.

  1. Naomi Campbell

Supermodel and the first black-skinned heroine of covers of French and English editions of magazines Vogue and Time, Naomi also belongs to famous black women. Everything that Naomi does is filled with grace. For instance when she was convicted to for public works for the attack on airport employees, the model appeared there in an evening dress. Naomi is known for her scandalous character. The woman cooperates with the Dalai Lama — she helps getting more money for good kindergartens in poor countries.

  1. Ella Fitzgerald

The Jazz Diva had a voice of 3 octaves and received 13 Grammys. Ella masterfully simulated the sound of the pipe. During her 50-year career, Fitzgerald released about 90 albums, collaborated with Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Quincy Johnson and other jazz masters. The music archive of the singer is kept in the Library of Congress.

  1. Beyonce

At the 52nd Ceremony of Grammy Beyonce was nominated in 10 categories, and eventually received 6 awards. In 2010 it was a record. In 2011, Beyonce was awarded the honorary award of Billboard magazine — she was called the Artist of the Millennium. She is respected by everyone — from teens to masters of jazz and soul. Beyonce is also engaged in clothing design, charity and movies. For her most important role in the Dreamgirls she received an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA.

  1. Michelle Obama

She became the first African American woman to have the honor of being the first lady of the country. For 8 years, Michelle has become a favorite of Americans. Her love for mischievous humor and the ability to laugh at herself, bright performances, stylish outfits and modest behavior were adorable. Michelle Obama left the presidential residence with the highest 68% popularity rating. Michelle became the first lady whom the whole world loved.

Certainly, there are more famous black women the world remembers about, but these adorable and gorgeous ladies are known really to everybody.

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