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Neslihan Atagyul photo
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Neslihan Atagyul is one of the most perspective invention in Turkish cinema world for recent years.

Neslihan Atagyul turkish actress photo

The Biography

    1. Neslihan Atagyul was born in ancient and beautiful city Istanbul on 20th of August, 1992. The future star’s father worked as a driver and her mother was just a housewife. Her parents brought up a son except for the girl.
    2. It is interesting that the girl showed interest for cinema from the first years of her life. She watched different TV-series and films in cinema with pleasure, copied the famous actresses and dreamed to become a star on her own.
    3. Being a teenager Atagyul tried to enter the world of business and cinema. She visited several agencies with her mother at the age of 13 and left there her photos.

Neslihan Atagyul photo

    1. The girl agreed to cast commercials with joy when the agents proposed her to cast it. Neslihan managed to become the face of famous Turkish brands at the very beginning of her model career. The girl’s unusual beauty and ability to act on camera succeeded. The advertising agencies got interested in dealing with the beauty, so she obtained other invitations to cast commercial after her first work. So, her model career was rather successive.

Neslihan Atagyul beautiful photo

  1. Nevertheless, Neslihan Atagyul was interested in cinema most of all, so the girl tried hard to get the role in one of the Turkish film or TV-series.
  2. Soon, the beauty’s dreams came true. She was noticed by cinema studios’ agents and got the first offers. Her acting career’s beginning turned to be successful and perspective too.

Turkish actress Neslihan Atagyul photo

The Acting Career

    • Neslihan’s first work was a successful role in the film “Ilk Ask”. The role was romantic and the girls’ appearance corresponded it much for she has gentle and calm manners.
    • The next job was playing Deniz’s role in a popular TV-series “Yaprak Dökümü”. Atagyul’s first steps were not left without attention. The cinema critics appreciated highly the charming Turkish woman’s acting abilities and began predicting her an excellent career.

Neslihan Atagyul model photo

    • The critics’ predictions were quite precise and in 2011 the beginning actress was offered to cast the film, which was very famous in Turkey and abroad. The film “Araf” with Atagyul in a leading role was nominated on many prestigious festivals.

Neslihan Atagyul beautiful Turkish actress photo

    • The shooting in TV-series “Ulan Istanbul” became a significant stage in the rising star’s acting career. The picture was beloved by viewers and was highly appreciated by critics. But this was not main for the girl who met her big love on the shooting stage – actor Kadir Dogulu.

Neslihan Atagyul and Kadir Dogulu photo

  • Not long ago the girl completed playing in “Kara Sevda”, TV-series. She had the most beautiful actor of the Turkey, Burak Ozchivit, as her partner. This handsome man was lucky to feature in films with the most beautiful actresses in Turkey. So, Neslihan was not an exception. The series is much talked about, some information leaked to mass media and now it is discussed by Neslihan’s and Burak’s fans. The viewers are eager to watch the TV-novel that would be translated abroad too.

Neslihan Atagyul and Burak Ozchivit photo

The Private Life

As it often happens in actor’s life way, the young star fell in love with her partner on the shooting stage. Atagyul was acquainted with a handsome actor Kadir Dogulu while casting in “Ulan Istanbul”. The young people’s love affair was bright and beautiful. Their relationships are still actual. The sweethearts find the time for each other in spite of their constant business on shootings. They spend their vacation together, travel, attend pink tea parties, including cinema ones.

Neslihan Atagyul with Kadir Dogulu boy-friend photo

The Filmography

2006 – “Ilk Ask”
2006-2009 – “Yaprak Dökümü”
2011 – “Canim babam”, “Hayat Devam Ediyor”, “Kalbim Seni Sevdi”
2012 – “Araf”
2013 – “Ulan Istanbul”, “Fatih Harbiye”
2015 – “Kara Sevda”

Neslihan Atagyul with beautiful makeup photo

The Awards

Neslihan got the award as the most perspective actress among her young colleges for featuring “Ilk Ask”.
The film “Araf” brought her several awards more. The actress was marked on festivals that took place in Moscow and Tokyo for her work in the film. A year later Atagyul was awarded for “Araf” as the Best Actress.

Neslihan Atagyul unusual photo

Some Interesting Facts

    • Neslihan’s fans are interested in her new role in TV-novel “Kara Sevda” and her relationships with shooting partner, a handsome Burak Ozchivit, most of all. One of the last interviews of the actress was dedicated to the theme of this new film.

 Neslihan Atagyul TV-serials Kara Sevda photo

    • The girl confessed in interview to journalists that she had always dreamed to become a popular and demanded actress, to cast best films and to work with the best film directors.

Neslihan Atagyul beautiful photoshoot

  • Neslihan Atagyul differs with her attitude to things that serve as a status showers for many people. She said to the journalists that she won’t buy expensive gadgets of super modern clothes for she can easily do with more cheaper and democratic things.
  • The plot of “Kaa Sevda” new film is related to love affair of a rich girl and a poor boy.

Неслихан Атагюль black-and-white photo

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