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Results of voting:"The best actress of Turkey"

Young and charming Turkish actress Pelin Karahan is famous for her role of Mirimah Sultan in smashing hit “The Magnificent Century.”   

The Biography

Pelin Karahan was born in Ankara on 6th of October, 1984. She is now 29 but she is famous already either in her native country or far abroad.  

  • Pelin didn’t spent her childhood in Ankara, but in another Turkish beautiful town Izmir. The town is located on the see shore, so the girl grew up in a splendid climate and was surrounded by family love. It is quite natural that the parents put all their hearts into their child.
  • Pelin has a younger sister, who is as beautiful as the actress does.
  • Karahan has a regular education. She finished the grammar school in Ankara and than entered the Anadolu University. Pelin’s folks and friends note that she was an excellent pupil and tried to be the best in studying.    
  • The attractive girl chose the profession in sphere of tourism and hotel business. She also learned how to manage a restraint successfully. As you see, Pelin didn’t focus on her appearance at all. She was interested with sciences, especially with economics.   
  • Being a pupil, the girl tried her acting abilities, having cast a commercial. She was the face of some famous companies. Than Pelin felt the camera’s magnet and decided to go further and to cast photo sessions for the popular Turkish magazines. The student had active public stance, she tried to find her place in life and soon the destiny brought her to cinema.   
  • Meanwhile Pelin does not give up her work at University, even if she is working at shooting stage at the moment. She tutors students and read them interesting lectures.   

The Acting Career

  • All Pelin’s roles are memorized by viewers due to the actress’ talent, vivid temper and attractive appearance.
  • Being a student, Pelin decided to start working and came to series casting. Such a work either gave her money or put the beginning to the girl’s career.  
  • The role in “Kavak yelleri” series was her first successful role, which was beloved by Turkish viewers.
  • Pelin was invited to cast the large project “The Magnificent Century” to play the role of Mirimah Sultan, Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I and Hürrem Sultan’s daughter. The actress started to play in the third season. She managed to complement naturally the long lasting story narrating about the Sultan’s family.   
  • Mirimah Sultan became one of the series’ bright stars. She expressed vivid, unique temper and strong feelings. The viewers feel pity for the girl’s sad, one-way love and hope for the happy end until the last shot.  
  • The star also likes Mirimah Sultan’s role. She has character, strong will, ability to study and to bear up against misfortunes like the executive does.
  • The viewers loved one more series with Pelin featuring – “Kelebek.”

Pelin Karahan’s Private Life

Pelin can love and feel strong feeling in real life too. Her first husband wasn’t related to the cinema world, he is a fitness instructor. The justmarried celebrated their marriage in Barcelona. It was a rich, magnificent affair, which was described in many worldwide mass media. Turkish newspapers and magazines sacrificed many pages of their periodical to narrate about this show too.   
Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last long. In 2013 the marriage was over. As journalist say, Pelin’s love affair with another man was the reason of divorce. Though the actress denies the rumors and doesn’t want to comment on it.   
The woman didn’t disappointed in men in spite of the unsuccessful attempt to make a family. She hoped to find her real love for she was still young. The romantic affair with Turkish businessman Bedri Gyuntaem gave her the soil for new hopes. They married in summer 2014. One of the most beautiful palaces was chosen to celebrate the party in. The actress’ fans remembered her exquisite wedding gear.  
Pelin likes very much how her man takes care of her. He did it either before or after the marriage. Now he can take care about the wife and his newborn son. At the end of 2014 Pelin gave birth to a son, Ali Demir. Now she is busy bringing him up.    

Pelin Karahan’s Filmography

1991 – “ Sonsuza Yürümek”
2005 – “Cemal”
2007-2010 – “Kavak yelleri”
2012-2014 – “The Magnificent Century”

The Awards

The actress won the award Medya ve Sanat Odulleri for casting the film “Kavak yelleri” in nomination the Best Actress of the Year.  

Some Interesting Facts about Actress’ Life

Pelin Karahan is fond of cooking, baking – if to be more exact. She likes to bake very tasty cakes, pastries and biscuits. She treats her folks and friends with her cooking masterpieces.
The actress would like her hobby to become the real new profession in future. She plans to open her own bakery with unique products.   
Karahan looks after herself, doesn’t have any addictions, leads a healthy life and chose carefully the cosmetics for face and body.
The only Pelin Karahan’s soft spot is tasty food, especially sweet ones.
It is interesting that the actress got acquainted with her second husband in gym. They attended training together and Bedri supported the woman in her efforts.

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