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Merve Bolugur  photo
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Results of voting:"The best actress of Turkey"

Womanly and charming Merve Boluğur is considered to be one the most perspective Turkish actresses.   

The Biography

Merve Boluğur was born in the centre of Turkey, in ancient Istanbul on 16th of September, 1987.

  • Her parents brought up Merve and her elder brother. The children grew up being surrounded with love and care.
  • The girl began studying acting skills elementaries for overall development in the senior school. She chose the famous Art Center to study at.  
  • Merve Boluğur got the first shooting experience at commercials. It is interesting that the girl didn’t cared the actor’s profession at all. She got acquainted with other actors at the shootings stage. Later on, they became her partners in different series.    
  • The work at the commercials brought the excellent result to the girl – she was noticed and invited to play the role in “Acemi Cadi,” series. She got the main role, what speaks about Merve’s talent to conduct a sufficient effect on film’s producers. The beginning actress played the witch.
  • In 2007 the actress played another two roles, which brought her success too. Meanwhile, Merve Boluğur gained the real glory after shootings in “Küçük Sırlar” series. This story was shot according to famous American TV-series plot. It narrates about the life of Istanbul’s rich families and about their private secrets. The beauty played the role of sly and cold-minded Ayşegül in “Küçük Sırlar.” Merve’s heroine was beloved by viewers in spite of the fact that she was one of the baddies. Ayşegül could love passionately and vividly in spite of all her vices. The actress gained many fans, who supported her in her next roles.   
  • The star features commercial of famous in Turkey and abroad brands besides casting films and series.  
  • The actress works for charitable causes hard what speaks about her active public stance. The young woman has quiet and rational temper, she is indifferent to pink tea parties where one could see many Turkish cinema stars.   

The Acting Career

Merve Boluğur’s acting way shapes well and has good perspectives.
The shootings in the “Acemi Cadi” film put the beginning of her career. Than she accepted the proposal to cast in “Küçük Sırlar” project.
This series was not the original project for there is an American version of the plot story. Meanwhile the Turkish company tried to make a colorful and vivid film with recognizable characters.
The actress managed even to cast in the historical TV-novel “The Magnificent Century.” She played the role of Nurbanu Sultan. She showed the beauty’s character, beloved by Selim, in very expressive way. She has to tune in to epoch’s beat to play true to fact in such a series. The actress became popular far abroad her native country due to “The Magnificent Century.” It is very important to the career’s perspective.     
Merve refused to play Feride in the latest screen adaptation of “Çalıkuşu,” the novel that is beloved far abroad the Turkey, in order to cast in “The Magnificent Century.”  
In 2011 the interesting TV-series “Kuzey Güney” started and Merve played one of the main roles there.   

Merve Boluğur’s Private Life

The young actress is popular either among viewers or more closed fans. The viewers followed carefully her love affair with the most handsome Turkish Actor Burak Özçivit.  
In 2013 the Turkish mass media published articles about her love affair with the famous Turkish singer Murat Dalkılıç. Their feeling was very strong though it was always under tests. In December 2014 the couple broke up in order to check their love. The journalists made their own investigation to know who was the initiator. Meanwhile several months later the young people were seen together again. In 2015 Murat made his sweetheart the offer of marriage. The lovers didn’t keep the marriage in suspense, and decided to celebrate it this year summer.     

The Awards Won for Roles in Films and Series

The actress’ talent is appreciated both by viewers, cinema critics and specialized media who adjudged her several prestigious awards. This is the way how Merve won Ayakl Gazete TV in 2011. She became the most perspective actress of the year. Than she won the prize in the nomination The Best Supporting Actress.    

Merve Boluğur’s Filmography

2006 – “Acemi cadi,” series
2007 – “Aşk Yeniden”
2008 – “Hoşçakal Güzin”
2009 – “Kül ve Ateş,” series
2010 – “Küçük Sırlar”
2011-2014 – “The Magnificent Century,” TV-series
2011 – “Kuzey Güney”

Some Interesting Facts about Merve Boluğur’s Life

The Actress likes to attend fashion shows for she loves beautiful dresses and follows the most actual fashion tendencies.
Merve doesn’t refuses to give interview to journalists. She can freely disclose her ideas for the nearest future and narrate about her new or current roles in cinema. She also says sincerely about her private life.
Merve Boluğur is fond of music. She turns it on at once as she gets up in the mornings. Liliting melodies tunes her for the future day.

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