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Nur Aysan (Fettahoglu) photo
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Results of voting:"The best actress of Turkey"

Nur Aysan became popular far abroad the Turkey due to the role of sly Mahidevan in one of the most popular Turkish series “The Magnificent Century.”

Nur Aysan’s Biography

The Turkish temper and German rationality combines successfully in the actress’ character.

The actress was born in German, but her parent are Turkish. Her date of birth is 12 of November, 1980. The place of birth – Duisburg.

The childhood of the famous future star was spent in Germany.

Nur Fettahoğlu’s family (Aysan is the last name of her first husband) was big. Her parents raised another four children.

Aysan moved to the favourite Turkey at the age of a pupil in a school. The girl entered the Beşiktaş Lisesi in Istanbul.

The next was the Haliç University where she studied at the Clothes Design Faculty.

After graduating the University the girl started to work at bank. Some time later the destiny led her to one of the TV channel. Her first work on camera was the vacancy of the specialized financial newscast emcee.

Soon the young beautiful woman got married and her husband decided to check Nur’s acting abilities. She featured one of the series in 2007 at first time.

The Actress’s Career

It is interesting that the viewers noted Nur Aysan at her first role at once.

The girl’s first actor’s experience was quite successful and she got the next proposal and interesting role a year later.

In 2008 the TV-series “Forbidden Love” shootings began. The picture was shown on the Turkey’s screen and than it was translated abroad. The role made Nur famous and put the beginning of her following successful career.

The actress got many awards for working in fascinating and vivid TV-series “Valley of Wolves: Palestine.”

The next stage was casting a splendid TV-novel “The Magnificent Century.” Nur played Sultan’s wife in the project, sly and temper Mahidevran, who tried to keep the family and don’t let her man fall in love with another woman for a long time.

The actress spoke about her vision of times when her heroine, great Sultan and Roxolana lived in one of her interviews. Nur said that she was interested in how people lived earlier, what laws and morals they ruled, what were their inside life and senses like.

Aysan has had good relations with her shooting-stage colleagues. She became friends with many actors from "The Magnificent Century.”

Mahidevran’s role became starring for Aysan. The actress’ face appeared on many glamour journals pages after series launching outside the Turkey.

The star’s work in film “Gişe Memuru” was also successful. Aysan consider this work to be the most successful.

You may see Aysan, the beauty, on different pink teas, film festivals, and movie premiers. She always looks magnificent, she can emphasize her slim figure by stylish and righteous clothes.

Nur Aysan’s Private Life

The marriage played an important role in actress’ career. It was the husband who suggested the young woman to try herself in movie. Nevertheless, Nur’s marriage was not long, though it brought her popularity and made her a demanded actress. The woman took the divorce hard, but she never showed her state of mind to other people. She lived up her private failures with her head high.

According to the last journalists’ information, Aysan is going to marry again. Last year she had a beautiful and temper love affair with Leventa Veziroglu. The actress confirmed that the young and beloved couple prepares for marriage. The closest relatives and friends only will be invited on the ceremony. Nur hopes very much that the second marriage will bring her long-awaited happiness.

The celebrity loves her large army of nephews, but she is ready to have her own children.

Nur Aysan’s Filmography

2007 – “Benden Baba Olmaz”, series
2008 – TV-novel «Forbidden Love”
2010 – film “Gişe Memuru”
2011 – the historical TV-novel “The Magnificent Century”, “Valley of Wolves: Palestine”
2014-2015 – “Hayat Yolunda”
2015 – “Filinta”

Some Interesting Facts about Turkish-German Actress

Nur said once in her interview that she dreams about different roles and wants to cast films and TV-series of different categories. As for now, the actress regrets that she is suggested to play sluts, cold and thrifty women only. It doesn’t allow actress to display all her possibilities.

Charming Nur managed to try herself in different professions in her life. She worked at bank after graduating university in spite of the fact that this sphere is far away from cinema art. The next stage of her career was the work as emcee. The star is opened for fresh emotions right now, she doesn’t afraid of new experience. She wouldn’t even object to become a head of a company and check herself as a director. Aysan speaks about a design company. She is very interested in this business direction. The sphere of investments also attracts the actress with so different interests. She would like to try herself there too.

Nur narrated about her big love for her work during a sincere talk. But many things in cinema manufacturing are still staying in shadow for her.

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