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Alicia Vikander is a young Swedish actress, who managed to win two Golden Globe Awards for her splendid works in films at the very beginning of her acting career.

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The Biography

    1. Alicia was born in a Swedish town Gothenburg on 3rd of October, 1988. The girl’s destiny was defined due to her mother being a famous actress. The creative abilities of the child revealed from the first years of her life.
    2. Being a child, Alicia was interested with dances. Later on, she learned at the famous and prestigious Royal Swedish Ballet School.
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    1. The gained dancing experience and skill helped her much during performing in musical films, which were performed at the stage of Gothenburg Opera. But the fortune gave the girl chance to try herself in films.
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  1. Vikander debuted in 2007. Her debut was quite successful and put a good beginning to her acting career.
  2. At this time the famous Swedish actress lives in London. She became famous both for her roles in cinema and commercial of famous brand Louis Vuitton, whose face she is.
Alicia Vikander face of the brand Louis Vuitton photos

The Acting Career

    • Alicia Vikander displayed herself most effectively by playing a leading role in picture “Höök”. This project was completed in 2010 and was met by viewers with admiration. Cinema critics put excellent marks to the film too. Vikander gained her first Guldbugge Awards for featuring the film as Best Actress in a leading role.
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    • The girl’s filmography contains not many roles, but all of them are bright and memorable. Alicia expressed Caroline Mathilde character in history drama "En kongelig affære" with talent. The beginning Swedish actress could show the uniqueness of her heroine and her inside world. The level of role playing says for her skills and excellent acting abilities.
    • Then she cast in the next adapted screenplay of Leo Tolstoy’s great novel "Anna Karenina" by playing Kitty. The picture was launched in 2012. Kitty of Vikander was thoughtful and charming.
    • Her achievements in acting were marked by precious prize for actors – Rising Star Award by BAFTA.
    • Film directors don’t afraid to give complicated characters and roles of famous people to the young actress. In 2015 Alicia played successfully the role of famous writer Vera Brittain (Great Britain). The film was named "Testament of Youth" and became an invention in cinema world.
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  • The role in science fiction film “Ex Machina” was interesting for Vikander too. The girl had to play an A.I. instead of woman. This role became a new step in the star’s professional height.
  • The role of painter Gerda Wegener was another intellectual work. The famous film director Tom Hooper shot the film about her called “The Danish Girl”. The picture was not left without attention and was nominated in many prestigious cinema festivals. Alicia was awarded for her work again. This time she won in SAG Awards and Golden Globe nominations.
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The Private Life

Alicia Vikander doesn’t give sincere interviews with scandal stories to mass media. All that journalists know is that the girl got acquainted with actor Michael Fassbender at “The Light Between Oceans” shootings. The young people fell in love with each other and decided to live together after dating period.

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The Filmography

2007 – “Levande föda”, “Darkness of Truth”, “The Rain”
2007-2010 – “Andra Avenyn»
2008 – “Love”
2009 – “Höök”, “Susans längtan”
2011 – "Kronjuvelerna"
2012 – "En kongelig affære", "Anna Karenina"
2013 – "The Fifth Estate", “Hotell”
2014 – "Testament of Youth", "Son of a Gun"
2015 – “The Danish Girl”, “Ex Machina”, “Seventh Son”, “The Man from U.N.C.L.E”
2016 – “Tulip fever”, “The Light Between Oceans” are just filming.

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The Interesting Facts

    • Alicia was invited to play Cinderella in same-named picture of Kenneth Branagh. But after a while her plans were changed and the actress gave this fairy role way to Lily James.
    • Vikander dreamed to cast in "En kongelig affære" picture. But one of the role conditions was speaking Dutch. The girl convinced the shooting team that she could speak Dutch though she didn’t even know the language. When Alicia got the role, she began teaching Dutch in a hurry and proved her right to cast the project.
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    • Her mother objected Alicia following her way and choosing actor’s profession. But the girl revealed the perseverance and determination, so she could express her talent.
    • The girl was a famous bullet dancer, but some time later, she was injured and could never dance again. Fortunately, the dancing talent was not the only one in Vikander’s reserve. She has also the excellent acting abilities.
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  • The charming cinema star prefers the classic style in clothing. Her wardrobe is modern and differs with pithiness and delicate taste. It may serve a reason of her becoming a face of the splendid brand Louis Vuitton.
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Photos of Alicia Vikander

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