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Miss International 2013 is one of the biggest shows in the world. Millions and millions of women the world certainly has a beauty both inside and outside the very dream itself to participate in the event. The first event was held in Long Beach, California, USA on August 12, 1960. The Countries to participate in these event 52 delegates. The first winner of this show was Miss Colombia is Stella Márquez Zawadski. first runner from India, two from Iceland Runner up and third runner-up from England. In 2012, Miss International held in Okinawa, Japan on October 21, 2012. Number of contestants rose in 2012, reaching 69 contestants who won by a delegation from Japan that Ikumi Yoshimatsu. The first runner-up of the country Finland is filled, the second runner up of the countries of Sri Lanka and the third runner-up of the country filled Dominican Republic.

This 2013 show has many sponsors that came as a manifestation of the love of a woman's beauty grace the world. It will hold in around October, 2013. This event has been running for many years i.e. in the year 2013 he explained exactly that to 58 years. Countries sent representatives who participated in this event in 58 countries around the world. Many proposed standards in this event to screen contestants really have the competence. Competencies possessed by the contestants miss international 2013 vary according practiced field. In the pageant occasion this extraordinary young women to make a career as a model with a positive role in representing their country. They are not only beautiful physically but also has a pretty personal and thorough knowledge of the culture. This grand event involving supporters from each country representative to win the competition. Contestants all countries in the world representatives gathered into a single container with personal and exceptional talent. They need each other besosialisasi to make new friends with a mutual respect for each other backgrounds very different customs. All social aspects and talents of the participants could be developed in the activities of international miss 2013.

Ages of the contestants are also diverse, from the youngest 18 years old until the age of 26 years. To range from self-introduction, the formation of interesting and intelligent person, to have to know the expertise of each of the contestants so that they become self specials. Each contestant would have the ambition to become the number one, but being miss international 2013 has to compete fairly to get you to the top of a miss international success in the world.

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