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Children are considered as decoration of life not only their parents, but also all surrounding people. Their direct smile, joyful shine of eyes, carelessness and kindness do the world warmer, cozy, colorful. And every baby face pretty special beauty, it is not simply to define the most attractive child. The most beautiful kids are similar to flowers: everyone is in own way unique and charming.

In the modern world, very cruel, cold, practical, sometimes only thanks to children, their nice faces adults remember kindness and humanity.

What is the beauty of children?

The most beautiful children can have gold curls or black "hedgehog" on the head, freckles or swarthy face skin. But adults not pay attention to those features of appearance. The attractiveness of the child is in his smile, sparkling look, laughter, or thoughtfulness.

Children, first of all, differ in internal beauty. To a certain age they are honest and direct, see life objectively, not through the prism of their experience.

Beauty of children is expressed in their behavior, congenital nobility, kindness to all world around. Unless the kid who attentively considers a bug or feels sorry for a sick kitten can not touch?

A child can really be glad and rejoice, be offended or angry. His feelings are sincere, as the very delightful nature. Therefore, for adults there are also no unattractive children even if they sometimes behave whimsically.

Children in the adult world

Each child is attractive, especially to his parents. And still there are most beautiful children whose appearance is already recognized thanks to photos in various magazines, to advertising, shootings at cinema. Their faces are familiar to many and they even become a kind of canon of children's beauty. It is interesting that small models and in front of the camera behave naturally, don't pretend, don't put on themselves adult masks. Therefore, they are delightful and similar to pure angels. And the task of adults is to make so that children could radiate purity, tenderness, a spontaneity further. And adult task is to do everything possible to the most beautiful children continued to radiate purity, tenderness, spontaneity.

Perhaps with age features of children, known for its beauty, change, and they will become unremarkable adults. But now every child, which is presented in this innocuous photo galleries is pretty children of the world, is unique, charming, reminiscent of the heroes of fairy tales. Pretty kids once again remind everyone what master and the artist is the nature creating perfection.

Earth is beautiful and versatile, it is home to a multitude of people of very different nationalities. This photo galleries represented 50 different pictures of pretty children from different corners of the world.

Most Beautiful Children in the World (55 Photos)


Commonwealth of Independent States
Russian girl

Russian girl photo

 Ukrainian girl

Ukrainian girl photo

 Armenian boy

Handsome  Armenian boy photo

Georgian girl

Georgian girl photo

 Azerbaijan boy

Handsome Azerbaijan boy photo

 Tajik girl

Beautiful Tajik girl photo

 Turkmen girl

Turkmen girl photo 

Uzbek children

Uzbek children photo


Afghan girl

Beautiful Afghan girl photo 

Omani boy

Handsome Omani boy photo 

Omani baby girl

little Omani baby girl photo 

Qatari boy

Handsome Qatari baby boy photo

Lebanese girl

Nice Lebanese girl photo

Israeli boy

Cute Israeli boy photo 

Palestinian baby girl

Nice Palestinian baby girl photo 

Kurdish girl

 Beautiful little Kurdish girl photo

Pashtun girl

Pashtun girl picture 

Baby Boy from Saudi Arabia

 Cute Baby Boy from Saudi Arabia photo

Iranian girl

 beautiful Iranian girl photo

Iraqi girl

 Iraqi girl picture

Chinese baby boy

Chinese baby boy picture 

Korean boy

Korean child boy picture

Japanese girl

 cute Japanese girl photo

Indian girl

 Beautiful Indian girl picture

Indian boy (Sikh)

 Handsome Indian boy (Sikh) photo

Pakistani boy

 Pakistani boy photo

Sri Lankan girl

Sri Lankan girl picture

Malay girl

super cute Malay girl photo

Philippine girl

Philippine girl picture

Indonesian child girl

Indonesian child girl photo

Thai girl

Thai girl photo

Cambodian girl

Beautiful Cambodian girl photo

Vietnamese girl

Cute Vietnamese girl picture

Tibetan girl

Cute Tibetan girl picture

Mongolian girl

Beautiful Mongolian baby girl photo

Uighur children

Uighur children photo

Latin America

 Haitian girl

Sad Haitian girl photo

Mexican girl

Cute Mexican baby girl photo

Panamanian girl

Panamanian baby girl photo

Venezuelan girl

Beautiful Venezuelan girl photo

Brazilian baby girl

cute Brazilian baby girl photo

Peruvian baby girl

 Peruvian baby girl photo


Egyptian girl

Egyptian girl picture

Moroccan baby girl

Nice Moroccan baby girl photo

Libyan girl

Libyan girl photo

Botswana girl

Botswana girl photo

Ethiopian girl

Ethiopian girl photo

Senegalese girl

Senegalese girl photo

Ghanaian girl

Ghanaian girl picture

Children from the African Masai tribe

Children from the African Masai tribe

Nigerian boy

Cute Nigerian baby boy photo

Other continents and regions

Eskimo boy

Eskimo boy picture

Papuan boy from Papua New Guinea

Papuan boy from Papua New Guinea picture

African-American baby girl

African-American baby girl photo

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