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Africa is a very diverse continent and the characteristics of African women living there are also quite various. Humans appeared in Aftica thousands of years ago and climatic conditions and hot bright sun influenced the appearance of women greatly. Different countries have rather rich traditions and old history, which influenced their character, position in society and behavior.
The main common characteristic of African women is black or dark skin. Usually these females have big brown eyes set rather wide from each other, a straight but rather big nose and full lips. One more indispensable peculiarity of dark women is their beautiful smile with white sparling teeth – they look especially bright because of the skin color.
The haircuts and hairstyles of African females are also very interesting. Their most wide spread type of hair is curly and black, so many of them wear short haircuts as it is very difficult to take care of such weavy hair. They choose different kinds of haircuts including layered ones, feather, U cut, bob etc. Another reason to wear short hair is having less sweat in summer. African women are fond of colorful accessories and use many different ornaments in their hairstyles. It is hardly surprising to see a black girl withour earrings or another piercing. But necklace, bracelet or ring is a must for a modern African woman.
If to speak about outfits of African girls, it is very difficult to choose several main trends as many representatives of African countries live in tribes and wear clothes, which can be hardly called “a real outfit”. Females from hot desert countries wear such extraordinary pieces of clothing as:

  • Buba (blouse)
  • Iro (wrapper)
  • Gele (head-gear)
  • Ipele (shawl)
  • Sari (long cloth draped over the body)

Almost all expensive African outfits are designed using unique precious fabrics. Women prefer light colors with some gold or silver embroidery, though bright striped or spotted examples are also can be found. These clothes are very long and always include something to cover the head – the reason is also heat.
If to speak about some poor tribes they make their clothes with their own hands and usually it reminds our bras and mini-skirts created using natural materials from their surrounding.
There are many stereotypes as for the character of African women. They belong to the category of exotic ones and many people consider them to have such traits of character as being:

  • Aggressive
  • Calm
  • Humble
  • Strong (physically and emotionally)
  • Loyal

Black women are regarded to be very beautiful and their beauty is really uniqe. Many men would prefer to get acquainted with African females as because of the long continental history these ladies got used to take care of their family members, be obedient and assist their men. They value honesty and as every woman wish to be cherished. And despite the great difference in the way of their lives, all African women deserve to be called real good-looking women, no wonder some of them have won the titles of the most beautiful in the world.

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