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Abaya is a traditional Arab dress which is worn in public places. Traditionally abaya is black color, but the fashion in the Muslim world is not standing still; modern abay can be juicy bright shades, are plentifully decorated with an embroidery, beads, pastes, sewed from silk and chiffon.

And in some Arab countries abaya is obligatory clothes both for Muslims, and for foreigners which rushes together with a hijab or a niqab.

The Arab dress caftan represents oar clothes of loose fit or fitted, buttoned or girded. Generally female Arab caftan long-skirted (to ankles), sleeves surely long: narrow or wide. Caftans are sewed without collar with rather deep dredging of a collar in front that it was possible to see the dress decorated with an embroidery.

The traditional Arab dress caftan is allocated with excellent design and beauty. It is perfect for ceremonies and events of all kinds; sewn from high quality materials, embroidered with various stones, beads, rhinestones.

This Pictures of the collected photos of the most beautiful clothes for Muslim women - abaya and kaftan.

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The traditional black abaya embroidered with flowers and rhinestones

The traditional black abaya pictures

 Photos of Muslim dress

Photos of Muslim dress

Photo of black abaya with hijab

Photo of black abaya with hijab

black abaya with hijab

Photo of designer abaya with hijab

Photo of designer abaya with hijab

 Photo of fashion abaya

fashion abaya photo

Muslim abaya with hijab

Muslim abaya with hijab

Indonesian abaya

Indonesian abaya photo

Expensive designer abaya with embroidery

Expensive designer abaya pictures

White wedding abaya

White wedding abaya photo

Arab abaya for celebration

Arab abaya for celebration photo

Bright Muslim abay silk and chiffon

Bright Muslim abay silk and chiffon potos

Bright Muslim abay silk and chiffon pictures

Muslim abay silk photo

Muslim dress abaya photo

Black kaftans with silver embroidery

Black kaftans photos 

Black kaftans pictures

Velvet kaftan 

Velvet kaftan photo

Satin Muslim kaftans

Satin Muslim kaftans photo

Rose Muslim kaftans for girls photo

Muslim women silk caftans

 Muslim women silk caftans photo

Muslim women silk caftans pictures

Muslim women chiffon caftans

Muslim women chiffon caftans photo

Beautiful Muslim dress caftan photo

Beautiful Muslim kaftan picture

Arab Women's kaftan

Arab Women's kaftan photo

Wedding Women's kaftan

Wedding Women's kaftan photo

Turkish women's kaftan

Turkish women's kaftan photo

Moroccan women's kaftan

Moroccan women's kaftan pictures

Indian designer kaftan

 Indian designer kaftan photo

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