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Wedding traditions of people of the world passed from mother to daughter. Up to now many customs of wedding ceremonies reached, and also wedding dresses of brides remained. In this rating we tried to select the most beautiful brides of the world which wedding dress is the brightest, interesting, deserving admiration, combining traditions of the people and culture, its relevance in the modern world. In Top-13 of the most beautiful brides of the world brides from Europe, the republics of the Caucasus, India, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco and other Muslim countries entered. The most beautiful brides from the different countries of the world will appear in this rating in the brightest and graceful dresses.

 13. Japanese bride

Japanese bride photo

12. Armenian bride

Armenian bride photo

11. Malaysian bride

Malaysian bride photo

10. Korean bride in Hanbok

Korean bride photo

9. Chinese bride

Chinese bride photo

8. Indonesian bride

Indonesian bride photo

7. Moroccan bride

Moroccan bride photo

6. Thai bride

Thai bride photo

5. Vietnamese bride

Vietnamese bride photo

4. Muslim bride

Muslim bride photo

Muslim bride abaya pictures

Muslim bride hijab photo

Chechen bride фото

3. European bride

European bride dresses photo

2. Indian bride

Indian bride photo

1. Caucasian bride: Kabardian and Ossetian brides

Caucasian bride Kabardian bride photo Caucasian Ossetian bride photo

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