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I present to you a rating of the most beautiful Brazilian actresses who have become famous and loved by soap operas, which are widespread on our screens. The audience in all the world is very fond of Brazilian soap operas, appeared favorite stars, were created numerous fan clubs and forums on the Internet. This ranking is presented my personal view on the beauty of Brazilian actresses. You can see also: Brazilian models.

  • 22. Аna Paula Arosio (16 July 1975) - Brazilian model and actress.

    Аna Paula Arosio brazilian actress

  • 21. Vivianne Pasmanter (May 24, 1971) - Brazilian actress.

    Vivianne Pasmanter beautiful brazilian actress

  • 20. Vera Fischer(November 27, 1951) - Brazilian actress of long-standing reputation and works in cinema and for the small screen, particularly for telenovelas. A former beauty pageant titleholder, she was crowned Miss Brazil in 1969.

    Vera Fischer brazilian actress and model

  • 19. Claudia Abreu (October 12, 1970) - Brazilian actress. She is married to the Brazilian movie maker Jose Henrique.

    Claudia Abreu photo brazilian actress

  • 18. Christine Fernandes (March 1, 1968) - American Brazilian actress.

    Christine Fernandes

  • 17. Cecilia Dassi (December 6, 1989) - Brazilian actress famous for her work on Rede Globo soap operas.

    Cecilia Dassi  most beautiful brazilian actress

  • 16. Sophie Charlotte (April 29, 1989) - Brazilian actress, known for her starring role in Angelina fifteenth season of the series Malhacao.

    Sophie Charlotte  actresess of brasil series

  • 15. Fernanda Machado (October 10, 1980) - Brazilian film, television and stage actress. She is perhaps best known for her role as Maria in the film Tropa de Elite.

    Fernanda Machado photo brazilian actress 14. Alinne Moraes (December 22, 1982) - Brazilian actress who starred as Monica Paiva (Nina) on the telenovela Como uma Onda and as Luciana on the telenovela Viver a Vida. Her stage name is Alinne Moraes.

    Alinne Moraes the face of Loreal

  • 13. Tais Araujo (25 November 1978) - Brazilian actress. She was the first black Brazilian actress to be a protagonist in a Brazilian telenovela, Xica da Silva (1996), in Rede Manchete. She was also a protagonist on another telenovela, Da Cor do Pecado (2004) in Rede Globo channel.

    Tais Araujo acress of brazilian series

  • 12. Leticia Persiles (January 7, 1983) - Brazilian actress and singer who plays the lead role in the telenovela Amor Eterno Amor.

    Leticia Persiles brazilian actress and singer

  • 11. Nivea Stelmann (April 6, 1974) - Brazilian actress.

    Nivea Stelmann actress of Brazil

  • 10. Paloma Bernardi (21 April, 1985) – Brazilian actress.

    Paloma Bernardi beautiful brazilian actress

  • 9. Ildi Silva (October 8, 1982) - Brazilian actress, model, has African Dutch and Native American roots. In 2003, the actress appeared in the list of 25 most sexy beauties of Brazil.

    Ildi Silva brazilian actress and model

  • 8. Tammy Di Calafiori (March 10, 1989) - Brazilian actress and television host. She has played the lead role in the telenovela Ciranda de Pedra.

    Tammy Di Calafiori  brazilian actress and model

  • 7.Paola Oliveira (April 14, 1982) known by the stage name Paolla Oliveira (with double "ll"), is a Brazilian television and film actress. She played the lead roles in the telenovelas O Profeta, Insensato Coracao and Amor a Vida.

    Paola Oliveira very beautiful brazilian women

  • 6. Gabriela Duarte (April 15, 1974) - Brazilian actress. She is also the daughter of actress Regina Duarte.

    Gabriela Duarte photo actress of Brazil

  • 5. Camila Manhaes Sampaio (June 14, 1977), better known as Camila Pitanga, is a Brazilian film and television actress and former fashion design model. She is the daughter of actors Vera Manhães and Antônio Pitanga. She is also stepdaughter of Benedita da Silva.

    Camila Pitanga photomodel and actress

  • 4. Leticia Sabatella (March 8, 1972) - Brazilian actress.

    Leticia Sabatella most beautiful actress photos

  • 3. Giovanna Antonelli (March 18, 1976) - Brazilian actress, television presenter and producer.

    Giovanna Antonelli acress Jadi

  • 2. Juliana Paes (March 26, 1979) - Brazilian actress and former model. She became nationally-known in telenovelas and modelling. She also starred a local version of the musical The Producers, as Ulla.

    Juliana Paes most beatiful brazilian actresses

  • 1.Maria Fernanda Candido (May 21, 1974) - Brazilian actress and model. In 2003 she debuted in cinema with the movie Dom and won the Kikito for Best Actress at the Festival de Gramado.In 2008 she was chosen to be the face of the new campaign Orient Watches for the first half of the year.

    Maria Fernanda Candido the most beatiful brazilian actress

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