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Venezuelan women are considered the most beautiful girls on the planet. They won 19 times at the prestigious international beauty contests. There are a lot of successful international models from Venezuela. They have been featured in famouse world advertising and magazine fashion shoots. All of these make them among the world's popular women. Some of them have got their success by appearing in films and TV programs and now are recognizable as celebrities.

Venezuela are ardent fans of all beauty pageants.
All participants of beauty contests from Venezuela are always best prepared. These venezuelan women spend a lot of time, even to 6 months, to fully train correct speech, model walk, makeup lessons and physical training. Venezuelans approach to preparation for the competition very carefully and responsibly. Thousands of contestants each year submit an application for the competition. They choose best of the best. After long months of preparation and care, the finals live on television is closely watching the whole country.

There are some of the most famouse and pretty Venezuelan girls, who are well known all over the world.

2011 year brought the victory for Venezuela in the oldest and most respected Beauty competition "Miss World", which was held in London. The winner was Ivian Sarcos Colmenares.
There is no doubt that she has deservedly received the crown. In fact, besides the magnificent external data she has lots of talent and she is strong in spirit. Ivian Sarcos has really difficult fate. The girl was born in a poor family with many children, and at the age of eight years she remained full orphan. Ivian was raised in a convent orphanage. However, she did not become a nun, and decided to learn the profession of nursing. This girl is still involved in charity work, helping children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. After winning this girl founded the charity fund for orphans. The most beautiful girl in the world 2011 can be seen on television, where she works and has very good career.

Maria Gabriela Isler is the winner of the international beauty contest "Miss Universe 2013". Isler was the seventh Venezuelan winner of Miss Universe. Now Venezuela concede only the United States, which has won in this contest 8 times.
Gaby was born in the Venezuelan city of Valencia, but since childhood she lived and studied in Maracay. She has a bachelor's degree in management and marketing. Gabriela works in television, enjoys flamenco. Gabriela Isler binded a contract with the organizers of the "Miss Universe". As a prize, she has received about 250 thousand dollars and the opportunity to use a rented apartment for a year in New York.

By the right one of the prettiest Venezuelan girl during long time is considered Chikinkira Delgado (actress, TV presenter, model, first runner-up Miss Venezuela 1990). Like many others she appeared on the screen after winning the title of Miss Venezuela and Miss World. In 1999 she began to appear in the series, starred in the "Calypso". At the same time, she became the face of the channel Sony Entertainment Television, as well as leading this television network. In 2002, she appeared in Peru in "Maria Rosa, find me a wife". Returning to Venezuela, she starts to show the program "Mega match" produced television Venevision, and co-starred in the short story "Mambo and Canela."

In 2004 she used to be the host of the program "Waking America" broadcast on Univision and Sabado gigante. From 2005 to 2009 she used to be a presenter of Portada's television production Venevision. At the same time, she plays the role of youth in the musical "Cinderella" which was shown in several cities in Venezuela. In addition, she launches her cosmetics line "Cheeky" in partnership with Laboratorios Vargas. Chikinkira also becomes the exclusive face of the institution Banco Occidental de Descuento. She is one of Venezuelan women who are well known outside of their country.

And now the list of most beautiful Venezuelan women in my opinion.

  • 18. Gabriela Vergara (29 May, 1974) - Venezuelan actress and model. Her height is 175cm.

    18Gabriela Vergara

  • 17. Daniela Alvarado (23 October 1981) - Venezuelan actress.

    15se-solicita-principe-azul-4 409x611

  • 16. Grecia Colmenares (7 December 1962) - Venezuelan-Argentine actress.


  • 15. Monica Spear (1 October 1984 - 6 January 2014) - Miss Venezuela 2004, Miss Universe 2005.


  • 14. Mirela Mendoza (23 September 1979) - Venezuelan actress.


  • 13. Astrid Carolina Herrera (23 June 1963) - Venezuelan actress and beauty queen (Miss Venezuela 1984 and Miss World 1984). Height -173 cm.

    13Astrid Carolina Herrera

  • 12. Patricia Velasquez (31 January, 1971) - Venezuelan fashion model and actress.


  • 11. Marjorie De Sousa (23 April 1980) - model and actress of Venezuela.


  • 10. Marianela Gonzalez (23 July, Caracas) - Venezuelan model and actress.

    9.Marianela Gonzalez

  • 9. Eileen Abad (15 November) - Venezuelan actress and model.


  • 8. Estefania Lopez (31 august 1983) - Venezuelan actress.


  • 7. Kiara (14 May 1962) - Venezuelan singer, actress, lawyer and TV presenter.


  • 6. Scarlet Ortiz (12 March 1974) - beautiful Venezuelan actress.


  • 5. Gaby Espyno (15 November 1976) - Venezuelan actress and model.


  • 4. Emma Rabbe (18 April, 1969) - Miss Venezuela 1988 and 3rd runner up Miss World 1988. Height - 175cm

    4emma rabbe

  • 3. Norkys Batista (30 August, 1977) - Venezuelan vice miss Venezuela 1999, actress and model . Height is 175cm.

    Norkys Batista beautiful Venezuelan women and girls photo

  • 2. Gabriela Spanic (10 December 1973) - Venezuelan beauty queen - Miss Venezuela 1992. Height 174 cm.

    Gabriela Spanic beautiful Venezuelan women and girls photo

  • 1. Chiquinquira Delgado (7 August 1972) - Venezuelan tv presenter, fashion model, actress and first vice miss Venezuela 1990.

    Chiquinquira Delgado beautiful Venezuelan women and girls

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