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Peruvian women are in minority either in quantity or in legal rights. Women earn less than men, have fewer employment opportunities and political empowerments, and occasionally are offended by men without any consequences. The women in this nationality almost don’t get education. Only man have the right to be educated. The same is true to trips, that is the reason why you rarely see women from Peru in different countries. The national language of Peru is Spanish, so people in Peru freely speaks this language. When local women gave birth to a child they rarely do this in a hospital. They respect old traditions and cope by their own means at home. Female neighbors help them.

But the things are no sad for Peruvian women. They start to fight for their rights. A Peruvian girl is freighting in mad condition, as you know. So, probably we will see a free and independent women.

In spite of the fact that women in this country are lack of legal rights, they always preserve their right to stay attractive and beautiful. Peruvian women take certain measures to preserve their beauty. For example, they don’t smoke, and those who smoke, do it rarely. As people say, this nationality eats maca, which is often called Peruvian ginseng, in order to stay attractive and full of energy. Women try to sleep as many time as it is possible. Though they rarely have this possibility for they often pregnant.

It is interesting that women in this country appreciate Scandinavian notes in men appearance. If a man with blue eyes and pale skin will get in their country he would certainly be on demand. As for the women by themselves, they used to have dark skin, whites teeth and curved hair. In most cases they have dark or black hair. Most female country’s inhabitants have slim figures and are rather tall. They don’t have tendency to became fat as years pass.

Today we have prepared for you the list of the most beautiful Peruvian women. Be sure to scroll the page down to stare at all beauties, that we gathered for you!

  • 11. Melania Urbina (September 30, 1977) - Peruvian actress.

    Melania Urbina beautiful Peruvian woman

  • 10. Rossana Fernandez Maldonado - (November 3, 1977) - Peruvian actress and singer.

    Rossana Fernandez Maldonado beautiful Peruvian woman

  • 9. Andrea Montenegro - (March 4, 1969)  - Peruvian actress and model.

    Andrea Montenegro beautiful Peruvian woman

  • 8. Vanessa Saba - (June 23, 1975) - Perivian actress and writer.

    Vanessa Saba beautiful Peruvian woman

  • 7. Diana Quijano (April 12, 1962) - Peruvian fashion designer and actress.

    Diana Quijano beautiful Peruvian woman

  • 6. Coni Chaparro (May 25,1983)- Peruvian actress.

    Coni Chaparro beautiful Peruvian woman

  • 5. Vanessa Terkes (March 3, 1978) - Peruvian television and stage actress.

    Vanessa Terkes beautiful Peruvian woman

  • 4. Katty Caballero (January 18, 1981) - entrepreneur, television presenter, actress and Peruvian ex-model.

    Katty Caballero beautiful Peruvian woman

  • 3. Anahi Decardenas (June 1, 1983) - Peruvian model and actress.

    Anahi Decardenas beautiful Peruvian woman

  • 2. Silvana Arias (April 7, 1978) - Peruvian actress.

    Silvana Arias beautiful Peruvian woman

  • 1. Stephanie Cayo (April 8, 1988) - Peruvian model, actress and singer.

    Stephanie Cayo most beautiful Peruvian woman

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