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The most beautiful female athletes of Russia adequately prove how beautiful is the physical perfection, supplemented by a rich spiritual world. To achieve great results in sports is impossible without a strong character, faith in one's own strength, purposefulness. Along with these traits of character, honesty, honesty, ability to win and worthy of losing are also valuable in the athlete. The best character traits, high morality are reflected in the exterior, illuminate with an unusual light the face of every girl who is engaged in professional sports and becomes famous also due to its extraordinary appearance.

Strong and gentle, bold and cute beautiful athletes represent a variety of sports. Certain physical activities affect the formation of the figure, cause certain features of appearance. But, whatever the girls do - swimming, all-around, equestrian sports, they have a beautiful, slim figure, well-developed muscles. Girls are slim, smart, look young and bright. Even complex, "male" sports that require physical strength do not make them brutal. On the contrary, their natural softness and tenderness are becoming more and more vivid. Strong and agile athletes in Russia so want to show that out of training and performances they remain sweet, fragile, romantic. The combination of strength and femininity is a highlight of the appearance of beautiful athletes, singles them out against the background of other girls and women.

Traditionally, the most attractive are girls who engage in graceful and feminine sports, for example, synchronized swimming or rhythmic gymnastics. Such beautiful sportswomen have a proportional figure, they know how to move beautifully, always keep their posture smoothly. A beautiful and smart figure can boast of other sports. Russian athletes are constantly in the minds of fans, viewers, they know how important it is to look good, well-groomed and stylish. Constant training, competitions teach girls to be self-confident, which can not affect the appearance.

Beautiful, bright and successful Russian female athletes are public people, fans follow not only for their sporting achievements. Many girls have already become a standard of style, they are equal. The beautiful appearance of the athletes is the best agitation for an active and healthy lifestyle. Each of women dreams that regular sports activities will make her as beautiful, slim, self-confident and successful. It is the inner energy, the rich inner world, emotionality and openness that make the athletes so charming.

10. Marina Anissina (30 August 1975) - Russian and French sportswoman.

Marina Anissina Russian and French sportswoman

9. Darya Klishina (15 January 1991) - Russian jumper in length.

Darya Klishina Russian jumper in length

8. Margarita Aliychuk (10 August 1990) - Russian gymnast.

Margarita Aliychuk Russian gymnast

7. Olga Petrova (9 July 1986) - striker female Russian national football team.

Olga Petrova Beautiful Russian Female athlet

6. Anastasiya Ermakova (8 April 1983) - famous Russian athlete in synchronized swimming.

 Anastasiya Ermakova Famous Russian Female Athlet

5. Alena Alekhina (19 June 1988) - Russian snowboarder.

Alena Alekhina Beautiful Russian snowboarder

4. Maria Verchenova (27 March 1986) - Russian golfer.

Maria Verchenova Russian Female golfer

3. Anastasia Luppova (26 June 1985) - Russian billiard-player.

Anastasia Luppova Russian billiard-player

2. Maria Sharapova (19 April 1987) - Russian tennis player.

Maria Sharapova Russian tennis player

1. Tatyana Navka (13 April 1975) - Russian figure skater.

Tatyana Navka Russian figure skater

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