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In Soviet times, cinema was one of the most popular, favorite and available to all people entertainments. The USSR actors and actresses, whom people saw on TV screens or in movies were taken like family members. All were talking about them. Almost everyone was interested in their personal life. Women and men, even children followed new works of these actors, praised new roles. Naturally, women used to discuss the appearance of their idols, making up even their rating of the most handsome Soviet actors. It included popular men, who were the real stars of the film industry. Everybody had a dream to meet them; they were favorites of all females. The photos of these actors, movie posters with their images were almost in every house. For many viewers, they have become a symbol of a better life, which was perfect, colorful and bright. Even when an actor was famous for his roles of criminals, killers or enemies, this fact could not make him less popular.

Soviet actors are people of different destinies. Not everyone's personal life was as successful as his career. Like usual people, they also suffered, experienced, lost a lot of things, had difficult periods of their life when no one interesting role was offered to them. Nevertheless, none of the recognized handsome men showed that he had troubles on the screen. That time, no facts about personal life were available in magazines and in newspapers. That is why the actors seemed to all simple people great persons with a bright life in the profession and on the screen.

All of these handsome actors look different. Some of them look like brutal and self-confident heroes. The other guys attract with intelligence and charm. However, an attractive appearance was not the only ticket to the cinema life. The most attractive Soviet actors had to show talent, professional skills, and hard work. They needed to be in the center of attention constantly. The most popular handsome men are known for the variety of roles, from hero to villain, from a devoted loving man to a cheater. That time, Soviet rules and censorship limited them a lot: these actors could not show their characters as they wanted. Nevertheless, many of them seemed to women very attractive and sexual.

10. Igor Kostolevsky

Igor Kostolevsky is an actor, who was always given the roles of hero-lovers. He has the appearance of a noble peson, soft velvet voice, and elegant manners. In Soviet times, he easily played in films where he had to portray a beautiful life abroad, the life which was a real enigma to most usual people. However, Kostolevsky became famous not for the role of the western aristocrats. The fame came to him after the role in the “The Captivating Star of Happiness”. He managed to play the role of a true hero. In his other roles, the actor also looked seductive, confident and elegant.

9. Mikhail Boyarsky

Unrestrained, passionate, enthusiastic, expressive — these are the features of Mikhail Boyarsky. He is the same person in life. His first roles, including D'Artagnan, were an ideal choice for an emotional young man who was just beginning his film career. The actor easily gave his characters his charm, and passion, often complementing the game with beautiful songs. Still, the whole country swings them. It was easy to fall in love with Boyarsky. Even men liked him a lot for his open smile, jokes, and spontaneous reactions. Today, the age only added charm to the actor who does not leave the list of the most attractive men in the world of cinema.

8. Boris Khmelnitsky

This actor was born to play the roles of courageous heroes, defenders of the fatherland, brave heroes. Wearing the costumes of the ancient princes and military uniform he looked very harmoniously. His low, hoarse voice added attractiveness to this actor and made him even more desirable for women's hearts. Boris Khmelnitsky successfully starred in many films; however, he is also famous for his theatrical works. This man, who looks so stern and restrained, was known to be a very romantic and kind person in real life.

7. Vyacheslav Tikhonov

Vyacheslav Tikhonov is remembered for his stunning roles of an intelligent, fearless and so loyal to his country Stirlitz, refined and romantic Andrei Bolkonsky, mild and wise teacher Melnikov. This actor remained one of the most attractive to women persons till his last day; he was a symbol of male beauty. People sincerely loved his appearance, calm, restrained behavior, and the manners of a real gentleman. In Soviet times, Tikhonov was one of the most famous actors, the benchmark for the younger generation of actors. In the last years of his life, he did not play much: people will remember him forever as a young intelligence officer.

6. Andrey Mironov

Andrey Mironov was so easy, so charming and ironic that he won many female hearts. His films are full of humor and sadness. Even after decades, they do not lose popularity. When you watch them, you get positive emotions. Probably, this actor had many affairs, but simple people, who sincerely love him, do not care about it. It was important to see him on the screen as often as possible. Mironov played many roles. Most of them and can be are an excellent example of brilliant acting skills; you can watch them to learn all the secrets of the actor’s profession.

5. Vasily Lanovoy

When it comes to most attractive Soviet actors, most people call the name of Vasily Lanovoy. His Vronsky, Captain Gray, other heroes aroused love and admiration of almost all people, especially women. They loved the actor’s big radiant eyes, seductive smile, intelligence, and gallant behavior. They wanted to see him on the screen again and again. The release of any film with Lanovoy became an event that was expected, which was discussed. However, the actor is remembered not only by his attractive appearance, which any hero-lover can dream of but also by his seductive, beautiful voice, which you can listen to forever.

4. Alexander Abdulov

It is difficult to say when this wonderful actor looked the most attractive - in his youth, in the period of the “Ordinary Miracles” or in adulthood. Every year his male attractiveness only increased. Curious, but Abdulov did not dream of becoming a popular actor, although he was very attractive. He was fond of sports and music. However, exactly after his first role in 1974, Alexander attracted the attention of the filmmakers. Since that time, his constant and successful work in cinema began. There were many different roles; each of them is memorable. People remember him even for the smallest roles in the movies.

3. Oleg Strizhenov

Oleg Strizhenov is one of the most romantic actors who played intelligent, elegant, restrained heroes. Each one, who saw him, felt something aristocratic in his manners. He did not remind other Soviet actors. Even when he played ordinary military people, this feature made his characters unique. He was called Soviet Gerard Philipe. It confirms his attractiveness, sexuality, and the true masculine charm of Oleg Strizhenov and his characters. The actor has many roles that he can be proud of, which were highly appreciated by his fans. For a long time, you can meet his name on the list of the most attractive Soviet actors.

2. Vladimir Korenev

It is not easy to forget these huge bright eyes of this man — they seem bottomless, like the sky. Thanks to his unique appearance, he was harmonious as an amphibian man. It was the actor’s “star” role, the brightest in the career of this handsome man. Perhaps, too many people started to take Korenev as Ichthyander. However, this master did his best to prove that he is a diverse actor and could play various roles character. In 1961, he came to the Stanislavsky Theater, and since that time he is considered one of its leading actors. Many years have passed, and even being an aged person, Korenev manages to win the hearts of people.

1. Nikolay Rybnikov

Nikolay Rybnikov can open the list of the most attractive Soviet actors. So many decades have passed since he sang his famous song in “Spring on Zarechnoy Street”, but his smile and voice still excites women's hearts. Today, those, who are not experts in Soviet cinema, will hardly name the other works of this actor. However, even one role is enough to call Rybnikov one of the most attractive and famous actors. He possessed the features of a real man — simple, open, courageous. When he was smiling, he could charm any woman, however, this actor also had great talent.

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