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Australian women are friendly, unpretentious, very funny and amusing. They are open for communication. Girls are extremely friendly and quiet. But it's not easy to call these ladies the real beauties. Women look beautifully only if they take care of the bodies, but this is rare fact in Australia. The problem of appearance is in their genes.

Australia was just an island with a few tribes inhabiting with aboriginal savages. For a during period Australia took to relocate mostly the representatives from UK and Ireland. From this there is a problem with genetics and appearance. With the same problem faced Germany after the struggle for the purity of the nation. Nowadays, it is proved that the mix of the numerous ethnic groups has an amazing favorable effect on the gene pool of the country.

Australian women have no idea about the concept of "waist" or "elastic buttocks". Local girls somehow do not try to pay attention to outer beauty. There is also the guilty of the socio-political life in Australia, which has withstood here under English conservatism. Australian women are not very suitable for family life. They are really independent and feministic both in material and in all other respects. Cooking, washing, cleaning up in the house - all the housekeeping is not for Australian females.

Economically woman in Australia is wholly independent of men. The level of wages for the same work of male and female is absolutely identical. There are no restrictions based on gender to hiring. The state has fostered a woman purely consumer behavior. In 99% cases in the "Family Court" is supported by the opinion of women. At any family conflict girls run with application to the court. They use to claim for sexual abuse and remain winners. The court will judge the husband half of the property. This jurisprudence is supported by the government. On the one hand the government is trying to legally protect the woman. On the second hand a wife feels even impunity. Accordingly, the man begins to play a second role in the family and society. Number of marriages is sharply reduced due to unilateral state laws.

Australia has gifted the world with some of the most attractive women in the recent times. In fact, if the domain of sports is taken into account, there is a plethora of young, hot and beautiful Australian women who are mesmerizing the sport lovers as well as the male fraternity throughout the world. These girls, apart from having amazing bodies with high proportionate curves at the right places, have the raw attractive power to compel any capable male to surrender. Only twenty the most beautiful  Australian women are included in this rating.

  • 20. Sophie Monk (14 December 1979) - Australian pop singer, actress and model.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Sophie Monk photo, Australian pop singer, actress

  • 19. Imogen Bailey (7 July 1977) - Australian actress, singer and model.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Imogen Bailey photo, Australian actress

  • 18. Gemma Ward (3 November 1987) - Australian actress and supermodel.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Gemma Ward photo, Australian model

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  • 17. Isabella Heathcote (3 March 1988) - Australian actress.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Isabella Heathcote photo, Australian actress

  • 16. Adelaide Kane (9 August 1990) - Australian actress.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Adelaide Kane photo, Australian actress

  • 15. Phoebe Tonkin (12 July 1989) - Australian actress. From 2012, she starred in the American television series "The Vampire Diaries."

    beautiful Australian women photos, Phoebe Tonkin photo, Australian actress - The Vampire Diaries

  • 14. Nicky Whelan (10 June 1981) - Australian actress and model. In 2005, starred for the magazine «Ralph», in 2007 - for «FHM», in 2008 - for Maxim.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Nicky Whelan Australian actress and model photo

  • 13. Scherri-Lee Biggs (1990) - South African model, the winner of the beauty contest "Miss Universe Australia 2011", living in Perth (Australia).

    beautiful Australian women photos, Scherri-Lee Biggs winner Miss Universe Australia 2011

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  • 12. Abbie Cornish (7 August 1982) - Australian actress.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Abbie Cornish Australian actress photo

  • 11. Teresa Palmer (26 February 1986) - Australian actress.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Teresa Palmer Australian actress photo

  • 10. Nicole Kidman (20 June 1967) - famous Australian and American actress.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Nicole Kidman Australian and American actress photo

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  • 9. Krystal Forscutt (12 July 1986) - Australian model.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Krystal Forscutt Australian model photo

  • 8. Delta Lea Goodrem (9 November 1984) - Australian actress and singer.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Delta Lea Goodrem Australian singer and actress photo

  • 7. Indiana Evans (27 July 1990) - Australian actress and singer.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Indiana Evans Australian singer and actress photo

  • 6. Isabel Lucas (29 January 1985) - Australian actress. Her father is Australian and her mother - Swiss.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Isabel Lucas Australian actress photo

  • 5. Renae Ayris (17 September 1991) - Australian model, professional dancer, beauty queen from Perth, who won the contest "Miss Universe Australia 2012".

    beautiful Australian women photos, Renae Ayris winner Miss Universe Australia 2012

  • 4. Sarah Murdoch (31 May 1972) - Australian model and actress.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Sarah Murdoch Australian model and actress photo

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  • 3. Elyse Taylor (20 October 1986) - Australian model. She began her modeling career at age 19.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Elyse Taylor famous Australian model

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  • 2. Miranda Kerr (20 April 1983) - Australian supermodel. She is known as one of the angels of Victoria's Secret. She is wife of British actor Orlando Bloom.

    beautiful Australian women photos, Miranda Kerr richest Australian model

    And finally, the most beautiful Australian woman:

  • 1. Jennifer Hawkins (22 December 1983) - Australian model and television presenter. She is best known as "Miss Universe 2004"

    beautiful Australian women photos, Jennifer Hawkins Australian model photos

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