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New Zealand women have a northern type of appearance. This is an image of the Snow Queen: blue, gray, gray-green or blue eyes and very fair hair. Tall, slender, they have feminine forms and false thinness at the same time. So, they look thin in the clothes, but have a sufficiently developed forms in real.

There are women of small stature too, and you can find brunettes of course un this country. But one of the most common types - women with a thinner regular features.

They mostly look very healthy. Many of them have very good and healthy skin - blood and milk. They are very sporty, usually addicted to a healthy lifestyle, take care of their diet.

They do not like bright makeup, aspiring to be European-natural. In working time- minimum of makeup (mascara and lip gloss), but look at 100%.

New Zealand women are very confident, over the years of emancipation became almost equal footing with men (on maternity leave are equal). Women have made great stridesin in all spheres of life in this country , they are in business and in parliament. There is a world formed opinion about them as about an iron lady.

Probably due to the emancipation of women no longer need to dress as a means of luring and sexual assertiveness.
New Zealand women dress for themselves and their convenience, rather than joy or for the sake of men.

But taking care of children and mothers in New Zealand in the foreground, so, women can safely combine part-time work with raising children. They are very fond of children. Kindergartens are rare. But not because of the high cost, but because children are so important that mothers and fathers can perfectly combine work and sit with their child at home. For example, the first half of the day mother work and father - in afternoon.

New Zealand women discuss sex questions freely. Even the first female sex-saloon in the world opened in this country. According to the results of sociological research, every fourth woman of New Zealand is willing to pay men for sexual services.

  • 18. Lorde (7 November 1996) - New Zealand singer-songwriter.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Lorde

  • 17. Megan Gale (7 August 1975) - Australian fashion model, actress and fashion designer. She has a Maori-Polynesian roots on his mother's side.See also: Beautiful Australian Women

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  • 16. Jessica Grace Smith - New Zealand actress.

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  • 15. Emily Robins (21 May 1989) - New Zealand actress and singer.

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  • 14. Antonia Prebble (6 June, 1984) - New Zealand actress.

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  • 13. Angela Dotchin (31 March 1974) - New Zealand model and actress.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Angela Dotchin

  • 12. Rachel Hunter (9 September 1969) - New Zealand actress and photomodel.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Rachel Hunter

  • 11. Holly Cassidy (1991) - Miss New Zealand 2013 and she represented her country at the Miss Universe 2013.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Holly Cassidy

  • 10. Ria van Dyke (16 February 1989) - New Zealand model and Miss New Zealand 2010.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Ria van Dyke

  • 9. Ella Drake (4 February 1989) - New Zealand model.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Ella Drake

  • 8. Bridie Morris (1994) - New Zealand model.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Bridie Morris

  • 7. Jessica Clarke (1993) - New Zealand fashion model.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women -  Jessica Clarke

  • 6. Jodi Gordon (1 February 1985) - Australian actress and fashion model. Her father is New Zealand Maori.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Jodi Gordon

  • 5. Ella Langford (1993) - Miss New Zealand 2013.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Ella Langford

  • 4. Aleisha Robertson (1993) - winner of the contest Miss T.E.E.N 2012. See also: Miss Teen USA winners

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Aleisha Robertson

  • 3. Ashika Pratt (26 April 1990) - New Zealand fashion model.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Ashika Pratt

  • 2. Gabby Westbrook (1996) - New Zealand model.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Gabby Westbrook

  • 1. Tereza Moore - New Zealand model.

    Beautiful New Zealand Women - Tereza Moore

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