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The Russian TV hosts are the celebrated, popular personalities in which the audience is interested not least, than politicians, show business stars. For many, they become role models regarding wardrobe style, way of dressing, or even about the behavior evaluation of certain events. Therefore, TV hosts of Russia always feel responsibility of the work, they try to meet the high requirements completely. The most striking and charming representatives of television, of course, are the women TV presenters. Each of them causes admiration of attractive appearance, education, elegant wardrobe and behavior. Many of TV hosts already have admirers who watch life, work, new progress of the idols.

Not only in appearance differ the Russian TV hosts, each of them is also an outstanding, extraordinary personality. On the way to successful career of the leader it is necessary to get good professional education, wide experience of work on television. It is important to create a bright and individual image which will be able to draw attention of the audience and by that will attract also interest in those transfers, the program of news and to other teleproducts in which TV hosts of Russia participate. The trust of the audience, their emotional perception of transfer will become result of professional work.

For most of the people the television became an integral part of life, it gives important and useful information, can offer the most various entertainments for any age. And people who work at television and appear every day on the screen, these are already family members. The most famous and popular TV hosts of the woman, thanks to the charm, beauty, grant every day joy, pleasant emotions. Each morning transfer with participation of this or that TV host, becomes the best beginning of a day, grants a charge of good mood. Nice and beautiful faces of leaders can be seen now and not only on TV, they perfectly conduct various concerts, a show, auctions, charitable actions.

I present to you the Top-34 most beautiful Russian presenters as information and analytical and entertainment programs of Russian television.

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34. Ekaterina Mcituridze (10 January 1972) - Russian TV presenter, film critic and film historian.

Ekaterina Mcituridze  Russian TV presenter

33. Salima Zarif (7 March 1984) - Russian TV presenter.

Salima Zarif Beautiful Russian TV host

32. Tatjana Gevorkjan (20 April 1974) - Russian TV presenter, journalist, actress.

Tatjana Gevorkjan  Russian TV presenter

31. Viktoriya Ushkevich (27 January 1989) - model and journalist.

Viktoriya Ushkevich Russian model and journalist

30. Julia Bordovskih (5 July 1969) - TV host.

Julia Bordovskih Sexy Russian TV host

29. Alisa Yarovskaya (07 December 1980) - TV anchor.

Alisa Yarovskaya Beautiful Russian TV anchor

28. Alena Gorenko (7 May 1981) - Russian TV host and actress.

Alena Gorenko Russian TV host and actress

27. Julia Alekseenko (21 September 1988) - actress, TV host and reporter.

Julia Alekseenko actress, TV host and reporter

26. Mariya Morgun (20 September 1984) - Russian TV journalist.

Mariya Morgun Russian TV journalist

25. Mariya Gorban (26 December, 1986) - Russian actress and TV presenter.

Mariya Gorban Russian actress and TV presenter

24. Yekaterina Andreyeva (27 November 1961) - Russian journalist, actress.

Yekaterina Andreyeva Russian journalist, actress

23. Larisa Verbitskaya (30 November 1959) - Russian TV presenter, Honored Artist of Russia.

Larisa Verbitskaya Beautiful Russian TV presenter

22. Victoria Shirokova (17 November) - TV host of sports news.

Victoria Shirokova Russian TV host of sports news

21. Kseniya Borodina (8 March 1983) - TV host of reality show "Dom-2" on TNT.

Kseniya Borodina Tv host Dom-2 reality show 

20. Tatyana Arno (7 November 1981) - Russian TV presenter.

Tatyana Arno Russian TV presenter

19. Anfisa Chehova (21 December 1977) - Russian TV presenter, singer and actress.

Russian TV presenter singer and actress Anfisa Chehova

18. Irena Ponaroshku (14 October 1982) - Russian TV presenter, VJ on TV.

Irena Ponaroshku  Russian TV presenter, VJ on TV

17. Ekaterina Konovalova (28 February 1974) - TV host of the program "Vesti-Sport" on the Russian channel.

Ekaterina Konovalova TV host

16. Irina Polyakova - TV host of weather forecast in the news program on NTV.

Irina Polyakova Russian TV host of weather forecast

15. Margarita Kaistra - TV host of stock exchange news.

Margarita Kaistra Russian TV host of stock exchange news

14. Evelina Bledans (5 April, 1969) - Soviet and Russian film and stage actress, singer and television presenter.

Evelina Bledans Soviet and Russian film and stage actress

13. Anastasiya Tregubova (21 September 1983) - TV host of 1 channel.

Anastasiya Tregubova Beautiful Russian TV host of 1 channel

12. Irina Shadrina (27 February 1985) - Russian TV anchor.

Irina Shadrina Russian TV anchor

11. Anna Kasterova (21 September 1984) - host of "Vesti. Friday."


Anna Kasterova sexy Russian TV host

10. Mariya Bondareva (1984) - economic news presenter on the channel "Russia 24".

Mariya Bondareva economic news presenter

9. Victoria Lopyreva (26 July 1983) - TV presenter and model.

Victoria Lopyreva TV presenter and model

8. Juliya Zimina (4 July 1981) - TV presenter and actress.

Juliya Zimina TV presenter and actress

7. Elena Vinnik (1976) - TV presenter on channel NTV.

Elena Vinnik TV presenter on channel NTV

6. Dana Borisova (13 June 1976) - Russian TV presenter.

Dana Borisova Russian TV presenter

5. Anastasiya Chernobrovina (10 April 1977) - Russian TV presenter and journalist.

Anastasiya Chernobrovina Beautiful Russian TV presenter and journalist

4. Olga Zhuk (20 October 1987) - Russian TV host.

Olga Zhuk Russian TV host

3. Tina Kandelaki (10 November 1975) - Russian journalist, presenter, producer and public figure.

Tina Kandelaki Russian journalist, presenter, producer

2. Mariya Sittel (9 Nobember 1975) - TV anchor of news program.

Mariya Sittel TV anchor of news program

1. Oxana Fedorova (17 December 1977) - Russian fashion model, singer and TV anchor, winner Miss Universe 2002.

Oxana Fedorova Russian fashion model, singer and TV anchor, winner miss Universe from Russia

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