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Baltic women are known by their charming appearance, fantastic beauty, original, natural. Girls draw attention by gentle features, a light, fine leather and serene, penetrating glance. It seems that in the eyes of Estonians and Lithuanians reflected the shining Baltic Sea. Even in several minutes of acquaintance beautiful Baltic women make a bright impression, they for a long time remain in memory. Not without reason any prestigious beauty contest doesn't do without representatives of the Baltic countries. The most effective beauties constitute impressive rating which shows how different can be women of the Baltic.

Features of appearance Baltic women

Despite a community of the region of residence, a Baltic woman from the different countries differ in figure type, hair color and an eye. Estonians have chestnut-colored hair, their figures are more rounded. The thin, fragile figure, even aristocratic is characteristic of most of the Lithuanian girls. According to the traditional view, beautiful Baltic women are exquisite blondes with blue or light gray eyes. They have fair skin, which can only slightly browned cold Baltic sun.

Not so rare Baltic women can boast such a rare blue eye color. It is unique feature of appearance, besides, light brown hair and an easy flush on cheeks of girls are very harmoniously combined with blue eyes. Those who come for the first time in one of the Baltic countries, think, that they are in a fairy tale and now they are surrounded by beautiful and delicate fairies with blue eyes.

Many Baltic girls are natural blondes, at the same time hair color soft and warm. They love both short hairstyles, and long ringlets which do their image even more gentle and womanly. The beautiful hair shine is promoted by the humid climate, typical of the region, the soft sun which won't overdry ringlets by the hot beams. Do not forget about the ability of women to care for themselves. For body care and hair they use only the most high-quality cosmetics. Beautiful Baltic women fascinate by the natural beauty and behavior. For make-up they use natural colors, which is only slightly emphasizes the natural charm and femininity.

Harmony of beauty and nature

For many, Baltic women are quiet and reserved blondes, well-mannered and educated. External moderation is compensated by the softness of nature, friendliness.

With identical responsibility they treat the obligations in families and at work, in public organizations. They easy and tolerant in communication, but are able to hold a distance with unfamiliar people. The most beautiful Baltic always make a pleasant impression also remain in memory thanks to the irresistible appearance.

I decided to allocate the most beautiful girls from the Baltic countries and to make the Top-10 Most Beautiful Baltic Women. This rating includes actresses, singers, models and beauty contest winners from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and having Baltic roots.

  • 10. Alena Vasilaite (1984) - Lithuanian model, winner of the international beauty festival Queen of the Planet 2012.

    Alena Vasilaite - Beautiful Baltic woman

  • 9. Mena Suvari (13 February 1979) - American actress, having Estonian roots on his father's side.

    Mena Suvari American actress of Estonian origin

  • 8. Vija Artmane (21 August 1929 - 11 October 2008) - Soviet and Latvian theater and film actress.

    Vija Artmane Soviet and Latvian actress

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  • 7. Anett Griffel (8 November 1990) - Estonian model.

    Anett Griffel Estonian model

  • 6. Gražina Baikštytė (20 July 1951) - Lithuanian and Soviet actress, fashion model.

    Gražina Baikštytė photo

  • 5. Edita Vilkeviciute (1 January 1989) - Lithuanian top model.

    Edita Vilkeviciute Baltic top-model

  • 4. Jurgita Jurkute (23 April 1985) - Lithuanian fashion model, television presenter and actress.

    Beautiful Baltic Women Jurgita Jurkute photomodel, actress

  • 3. Agata Muceniece (1 March 1989) - Latvian actress and model.

    Agata Muceniece Latvian actress

  • 2. Agnia Ditkovskite (11 May 1988) - Lithuanian, Russian actress.

    Beautiful Baltic Woman Agnia Ditkovskite

  • 1. Egle Standtaite (28 January 1990) - Lithuanian model and beauty queen.


    Beautiful Baltic Woman Egle Standtaite photo

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