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Pigeons and doves are sometimes called the “holy birds”. Exactly the pigeon was the first animal, who brought Noah and his family saving themselves and the other creatures in the Ark the news about the Earth being very close. When the Global Flood that destroyed the whole world came, this bird gave all a new hope. Before the mankind invented the fastest ways of sending letters to others, exactly the post pigeons used to bring news and messages to our great-grandparents. It might seem, there is no reason now to feel an excitement when watching these birds. However, the world knows many famous clubs located in Europe and in America that unite fans of these animals that have become the symbols of people. Let us have a look at the most beautiful pigeon breeds and learn some facts about them.

Frillback pigeon — cute “curly” bird

Those ones, who were always dreaming about curly hair, would envy Frillback pigeon. Additionally these pigeons have become a large dream of those ones who collect the most bizarre birds’ breeders. The “curly” plumage of this gorgeous creature is unique, even when the bird has a “simple” monochromatic color. The feathers on the bird’s paws and wings are fizzle very much.

South German monk popularity

This breed of pigeons was bred in Germany in the distant 17th century. Even though these birds do not fly very high, they are very valuable because they can attract other birds during the flight, so they were often used to steal from other people's pigeons. You can recognize the creature but some special “hood” of feathers placed on the nape. However, certain South German monks are now born without their “hoods”.

Saxon fairy- swallow pigeon and its elegant beauty

No one can recognize usual pigeon in this gorgeous bird. Just look at its legs covered with thick feathers — what a fantastic work of nature!

African owl pigeon — where is your nose, little bird?

When you see this guy for the first time, you might guess, that his (or hers?) nose was lost in a serious battle with the other birds. Far from truth — this short beak is a special sign of African owl pigeon. However, look at the creature from the back, you will easily mix the animal with a usual pigeon: crowds of them gather on the squares to ask for bread and cookies.

Capuchin red pigeon — shaggy and funny bird

Exactly a very odd appearance of this creature and the color of the feathers gave the pigeon this name. It seems that the bird has recently woken up and has not had time to comb its red-and-brown hair.

English carrier pigeon — long neck and strange nose

While certain people wonder if it were people who selected such a strange breed with a very long neck and an odd stuff “growing” on its nose, the others keep them in the dovecotes. These persons still enjoy getting post “via air” — these pigeons bring them letters and notes and never forget the road to their home.

English trumpeter pigeon — the laughing bird

This English trumpeter pigeon should be better called “an American” one, as it is the most popular flying creature in the USA. Birds fans pick these animals not only for its motley coloring of feathers, but due to their “talent” to make some sounds resembling the laught of a human being.

Veer-bearing Venetian Pigeon — very big and extremely beautiful

This fairly large bird belonging the pigeon family lives in small groups in swamp forests of northern New Guinea and nearby islands. As a rule, their body length does not exceed 73-75 cm, and their weight can exceed 2.5 kg. Meanwhile, some travelers swore they saw bigger birds of this breed. Unfortunately, people often hunt for their feathers and Veer-bearing Venetian Pigeon can extinct one day.

Pink-necked green pigeon — trees lover

You will never see this cute creature until you come to Africa or visit the Zoo where pink-necked green pigeons live. These creatures, whose body length reaches approximately 30 cm, are scared of wild beasts and prefer living on the trees.

Nicobar pigeon — the most beautiful and unusual pigeon

This awesome Nicobar pigeon is the most beautiful representative of pigeons. The “business card” of the bird is its sparkling emerald and azure necklace of long feathers, forming around the neck something like a multi-colored mantle. Its feathers are shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. Nature has endowed these birds with powerful, hardy legs, making them experienced walkers. Only the approaching danger can make a Nicobar pigeon leaving the land habitual for him and seek refuge in the branches of trees. It is really difficult to imagine that birds, especially pigeons can be so magnificent. In addition to its bright plumage, the Nicobar pigeon is known for being the closest relative of the flying dodo bird extinct in the middle of the 17th century. After making corresponding DNA analyses, scientists of Oxford University officially confirmed this fact.

As you see now, the world knows many pigeons breeds, and certain of them are really unique.

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