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The best Arabic songs have gained popularity not only in the countries of the Near and Far East. They can be heard at discos in the States or Europe. What attracts fans of beautiful Arabic songs? First of all, it is its emotionality. Even without knowing the Arabic language, people can understand that the song sounds about strong feelings - love, anguish, hatred, hope or, conversely, despair and loneliness. Under these songs, you want to dance or cry, depending on the mood of the melody, the voice of the performer. Each of the songs, even if it sounds somewhere in a European country, seems to carry thousands of kilometers to the east. There, where ancient oriental tales were born, where exotic flavors reign, amazing folk traditions reign, fantastic flowers grow. The most popular dance Arabian songs, under which couples move gracefully and sexually, expressing in each movement passion and affection.

What are the best Arabic songs that sound in discotheques or even in auto salons? Naturally, first of all, they are about love. Residents of Arab countries are able to love selflessly, sensually, passionately. With a strong sense, they experience and success in love, and failure. And it's even hard to say which beautiful Arabic songs enjoy more love from listeners. It's nice to hear stories about mutual love, but how many deep and strong emotions the songs have about separation, rejection, betrayal. The performer's voice penetrates deep into the soul, compelling to empathize, suffer along with it. Often the beauty and power of the voice cause even more emotion than the content of the song.

One of the secrets of the success of Arabic songs is melodic. Thanks to beautiful overflows, melodies of a song are easily remembered. Especially popular dance Arabian songs, they become an ornament of any dancing evening. It is likely that impossible to keep calmness and indifference under such melodies. I want to get closer to my partner, tell him about my feelings with the help of graceful and frank movements. Pleasure is delivered by dances and for slow melodies, and for incendiary, colorful. Even those who do not know how to dance oriental dances, are surprised to discover hidden talents. The music itself and the voice of the performer prompt the movements, direct in the dance. You just need to listen to your heart and your body.

Beautiful and melodic Arabic songs win high places in the ratings of the most popular and favorite tunes. They bring into the ordinary life the atmosphere of luxurious oriental tales, strong and sincere emotions, they sound from the heart. 

 10. Tamer Hosny Arrab Habibi

9.Nancy Agram- Ah we Nos

8. Ruby - Enta Aref Leih

7.Nawal El Zoghbi -  Elly Tmanaitu

6. Rached Taha - Ya Rayah

5. Micheline Khalifa – Habibi

4.Hisham Abbas– Habibi Dah

3. Amr Diab– Awedony

2. Samira Said - El Fadl Yrgaalak

1. Latifa - Habibi matrohsh beed

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