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Where ever I go, I make it a point to observe the local birds and, mind it, with their beauty and splendour, I get floored every time. These beautiful birds are really god’s gift to us and we must make all efforts to save them if they are in danger.

Birds have always been my personal favourite as I believe that they are the most amazing creatures present in this world. Definitely, they are by far the friendliest as well as the most charming of all the life forms present in the world. With varied looks and colours, birds are magnificently stunning and are certainly quite attractive.

Amongst the huge varieties, the Rainbow Lorikeet is a wonderful parrot which is usually found in Australia and allied areas. With fabulous colours and sharp features, this bird is definitely a visual extravaganza for nature lovers.

Another variety which has caught my attention is the Atlantic Puffin which is usually found in the sea. It generally feeds on sea fish. When it feeds, it really becomes a spectacular sight as it dives into the water and catches its prey. Really, nature is like a vast storehouse of hidden wealth and these beautiful birds are like supreme wonders. Also known as the Common Puffin, this bird is quite amazing.

The Quetzal is the most vibrantly coloured bird which is found in the mountainous and tropics of Central America. These birds mostly feed on fruit, insects and other microorganisms. But it really saddens to know that these birds are facing dangers and are even on the verge of extinction in some parts of the world.

The Hoopoe which is mostly found in and around Afro-Eurasia is also quite popular among the bird watchers as it has a bunch of feathers which is absolutely breathtaking. It is one of those wonderful species of birds which are definitely quite rare and according to reports, it has been seen that some of its species have even become extinct.

The list of beautiful birds will remain incomplete without mentioning Peacocks in it. Usually brightly coloured, this bird has a distinctive feature of spreading their wings which is not only remarkable but magnificently stunning

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