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Chickens are bizarre birds — some of them cannot even fly. Specialists called different periods of their domestication: approximately 2000, 3200 and even 6000-8000 years BC! The territory where the first chicken appeared is not yet known for 100%. Scientists call various regions: India, South-East of Asia and China, etc. It seems that the chickens first came to the Middle East and then to Ancient Egypt. Since the beginning of antiquity, chickens began to breed in Greece; then they “conquered” Europe. Although before hens and roosters were kept at homes and in farms just meat and eggs, today very rare and beautiful breeds of them have become unusual home pets. They even win in international competition getting such awards like The Longest Tail. Let us learn a bit more about the rarest chickens — they are amazing!

Silky chicken — soft as real silk

Look at these cute creatures! They are pretty and do not resemble usual chickens. Silky have obedient, calm and friendly character. This unique breed is named because of its amazing feathering, which feels like silk. In addition to their silk plumage, the breed has some more strange properties, such as dark blue skin and bones plus five toes on each of their foot! The exact origin of these strange chickens remains largely a mystery, but the most likely it is ancient China.

Phoenix chicken — the longest tail prize

The roosters of this breed have the longest tail among many birds. Probably even the most gorgeous peacock can envy a he-Phoenix chicken. Sometimes their super-long tails are over than 11 meters! They can be a variety of colors: black with red, black with silver, black with golden and white. These astonishing guys do not tolerate cold climatic conditions. Dues to it and the length of their tail, these birds are difficult to maintain.

Stephen Green-Armytage — the “crowned” chicken

The main “sign” of this funny and very unusual creature is its “crown” — big, even huge red cockscomb on its head. These creatures almost forgot what it is — to fly. However, they eat almost everything and feel always ready to “give birth” to new hens and roosters.

Araucana — the beauty giving colored eggs

When being ready to Easter, get eggs from Araucana, and you will be “in trend”. This hen, coming from South America (Chili) gives blue and light-blue eggs! Araucana has no tail, and it is extremely difficult to breed this creature — many chicken die when they are yet “hidden” in eggs.

Sultan chicken — your Turkish buddy

Sultan chicken (it can be snow-white, black or clue) is an extremely rare breed coming originally from Turkey. Its main signs are the “beard” and big crest on its head. Like Silky chicken, this bird also has 5 toes. They are kind, very friendly and love much care taken about them.

The Naked Neck — chicken from Transylvania

Some specialists consider this creature a somewhat mixture of a hen (rooster) and a turkey. These birds got their name due to the absence of feather on their neck. They never take part in any international contests, but they give many eggs. One hen brings 180 eggs in a year!

Featherless Chicken — redskin guest from Israel

Probably, you will think that this chicken has had serious troubles when you see it. In reality, everything is all right with the guys. This is an artificially created in Israel breed of hens and roosters with no feathers. They do not require plucking feathers - this is a process that often pollutes the environment. Moreover, these animals grow extremely fast.

Polverara chicken — only white and black

Polverara chicken comes from Italy. These birds are famous for extremely tasty juicy meat and the huge quantity of eggs they give. The creatures almost vanished in 1900 and in a century, in 2000. Now nothing threatens their existence.

Crèvecoeur chicken — an elite bird from France

This strange bird has a real a real mohawk on its head. Coming from France, they rarely give eggs, but often visit various contests and show there their feathers’ beauty. Most often Crèvecoeur chickens are black and white; rarely — light-blue.

Peacock — the King of the chickens

If you still do not guess that so gorgeous, extremely beautiful, fantastically “painted” peacock is a chicken, you’ll be at least surprised. Meanwhile only he-peacocks (roosters) have these beautiful bright tails. She-peacocks look very shy. These birds almost never fly, but they run excellently! Despite its huge tail, this creature, with an amazing dexterity and ease makes its way among the dense thickets of bushes. Peacocks are extremely careful, never fight, and at the slightest danger quickly escape and hide in dense thickets. Never keep the bird’s feathers in the house neither in the form of decoration, nor in any other form. As legend says, the peacock is the favorite of the goddess Hera, and she might send to you all sorts of misfortunes if she decides that you have offended her dear bird.

As you see, so “usual” birds like chickens can be very bizarre and curious creatures.

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