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Many people think that a car is mostly designed for men, and a woman behind the steering wheel can look rather strange. However, it’s not so! When a modern mom travels with her children to the USA, she takes advantage of car rental under 21, because it gives a feeling of comfort and independence. Therefore, today a woman driving a car is a common occurrence.

Auto-ladies bring some special element of comfort and personality to the car interior. What’s more, special car accessories are even being developed for such women.

If men are only interested in reliability, power, and speed, while charming young ladies try to create coziness even in a small vehicle. So, what accessories help women feel more confident and comfortable when driving a car?

1.Car shoes


Driving in shoes with heels is quite dangerous, and in some countries it’s completely forbidden. Therefore, a woman has to think about her wardrobe every time she goes on a trip. There are 2 options: use sneakers to drive a car, and then wear regular shoes, or immediately purchase comfortable and safe shoes for your wardrobe.

The following general rules apply for women and men in the process of selecting automobile shoes:

  • the sole shouldn’t be too thick to provide the ability to subtly feel the throttle and brake pedals;
  • shoes shouldn’t be bulky and wide, since there’s a high risk of pressing two pedals at once.

Especially for active modern women who combine work and family, the French designers have developed shoes with removable heels.


2.Driving Gloves


Gloves are considered to be the most sexual female accessory. But sometimes they are perceived inadequately by many in the context of driving. For some reason, drivers with gloves cause smiles, because they look like racing drivers. However, this is not about the image, but about comfort and hygiene.

Driving gloves have a specific cut: the glove has a month-shaped neckline connected by a button strap. Really high-quality accessories are made of leather, which is not only durable, but also has the ability to retain heat.


The accessory is relevant for both men and women. But if the first in a slightly wrinkled shirt will look brutal, then a woman in a crumpled blouse is quite untidy. Of course, you can use the hook available in each car, located on the handrail above the door.

However, it doesn’t keep the appearance of clothes so well and is suitable only for clothes with a loop on the collar to fix it on the hook. Fortunately, special hangers are produced for cars.

Some of them require the removal of the headrest, while some have elementary clamps that don’t require special installation. They also vary in shape, design, and manufacturing material. Therefore, every woman will be able to choose the best option for a dress and blouse, skirt and trousers to bring them to the destination in good condition.

 4.Covers for seat belts

What will a man do when traveling with a child? Install and fasten the car seat with the baby or just fasten the seat belts of an adult child.

And what will auto-lady do? She will equip the belts with unusual pads so that the child is comfortable and pleasing to the eye. It can be charming paws of a bunny or a cat, more voluminous pads of a pleasant color so that the baby can drop his head on them and take a nap on the trip. Finally, the cartoon characters on the belts will amuse the baby and allow playing with them on the trip.


5.Hook for a handbag

This is a fundamentally different accessory than a clothes hook. Indeed, a handbag stores a ton of utilities that shouldn’t be wallowing all over the seat.

Single, double, triple, massive, miniature, fastened with a simple latch or bolted - all these hooks are installed on the headrest, in the trunk, and even to the ceiling in the cabin. Their incomparable advantage is that neither the contents of the handbag, nor the products from a dozen packages from the hypermarket will roll out throughout the cabin, get dirty and get lost.

 6.Front panel mat

Men are used to attach smartphones to black, faceless car holders, while a woman will get an unusual panel mat that emphasizes her individuality.

Now the choice of such accessories is very large, because they are cheap, and have a great practical use. Front panel mat usually has non-slip and dust-free features, and protects the panel from direct sunlight. You can place a lot of objects on it, and they will be protected from slipping even during sharp turns.


7.Air freshener

How necessary or useless air fresheners in the car is a personal opinion of each specific car owner. Men are often limited to banal fresheners to get rid of the smell of gasoline and exhaust gases.

However, women perceive the air freshener in the salon differently, acquiring a variety of fragrant little things.

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