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Baby animals causes tender emotions not only by their appearance, but also by their behavior. How pleasantly to look at their first uncertain steps, games, at their attitude to their parents or other adult individuals of the flock or herd. Kids are just beginning to explore world, in what there are so many unknown and dangerous things in their eyes. All their feelings (curiosity, anxiety, joy from the first discoveries) are easy to descry on a charming little face. In this they are similar to those of human children, who also expresses all their emotions through facial expressions.

How man is closing, which confidents in his superiority, to others in the world of nature, baby animal perfectly demonstrate. It does not look like they are in their insecurity, naivety, spontaneity dear to the children of men. You can spend hours considering photos, which depict a variety of baby animals, getting a lot of positive emotions. They are very different from each other in their appearance, size, character, but they all share the emotions that they evoke, even in the coldest heart. And you can not after view photos staying in the future indifferent to the fate of animal world, the whole natural environment. Little hedgehog or a tiger, frog and dolphin can turn into conservationists far more people than the most active calls and large-scale actions.

Usually baby animals are surrounded by care and attention of their parents, or at least one of them. It is interesting to observe how terrible and dangerous animals such as lions, treats patiently to their kids, let them jump on his back, playing his father's tail. There are many things to learn from animals, even lots of people which does not show their love and affection to their kiddies.

No matter how much baby animals are little, we are sure to see the features of adults in their appearance. Even little wolf or tiger tries to growl menacing and intimidating. Sometimes baby animals have even 'kids' coat color, a fawn has not menacing horns and teddy-bears’s paw is soft and weak. But it will not spend much time, and all signs of "adulthood" will be shown and will cause in the surrounding awe and respect. Kids feel it and try to learn from their parents as much as possible important and useful for the future life, when they will need to defend their own safety and their lives.

And while baby animals enjoy their "childhood", many of them play, waiting, when parents bring them as much as possible delicious. And they are posing with pleasure. Photos of animals - the best way for a good mood, positive emotions. And they make us to think that how vulnerable and fragile nature can be.

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