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Usually, representatives of the bears family are associated with rage and amiability, with clumsiness and colossal strength,rampage and maternal tenderness.
And for the Russian tradition, bear is the king of beasts. It's safe to say that the bear is one of the symbols of Russia. And bear photos even is a simbol of russian political party "Unified Russia". But the population of these large omnivorous predators decreases due to hunting and poaching, the destruction of forests and pastures.In my ranking of the most beautiful bears are, in my view, the brightest representatives of the bears family.

13. Sloth-bear

Sloth-bear beautiful bear photos


12. Spectacled bear

Spectacled bear beautiful bear photos


11. Black Bear

Black Bear beautiful bear photos


10. Syrian brown bear

Syrian brown bear beautiful bear photos


9. Kamchatka's brown bear

Kamchatka brown bear beautiful bear photos


8. Kermode

Kermode beautiful bear photos Kermode beautiful bear pictures


7. Grizzly bear

Grizzly bear beautiful bear photos


6. Himalayan black bear

Himalayan black bear beautiful bear photos


5. Malay bear

Malay bear beautiful bear photos


4. Polar bear

Polar bear beautiful bear pictures


3. Red panda

Red panda  beautiful bear pictures Red panda  beautiful bear photos


2. Kodiak

Kodiak beautiful bear pictures


1. Panda (bamboo bear)

Panda (bamboo bear) beautiful bear pictures

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