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Who said that only celebrities and famous bloggers can have millions of followers in social networks? On these days of craziness and permissiveness, there are so many cute animals having their own pages with numerous followers! The most popular animal "ruling" the web is the cat. Photos and videos of cats have long been dominating over those of other animals, and dogs are right behind cats not far off! Perhaps the only reason that they yield the leading position to cats is that dogs require much more time outdoors. Popular dogs are more outgoing, hence fall in adventurous and frustrating situations more than cats.

The Profitable Side of Being a Popular Dog on the Web

Did you know that some of the most popular dogs nowadays earn more money than you could ever dream of! The charm and popularity of these pets are occasionally noticed by different companies who plan some new type of advertisements and even new faces for their production. The most famous dogs (their owners, to be more precise) today have contracts with world leading fashion brands, advertisement companies, suppliers of dog foods and other stuff for animals, publishing campaigns and even airlines! Today you can see the cute snouts of celebrity-dogs on magazines, stationery, books, pets' belongings, etc. However, everything can't end so soon! Celebrities, following these popular dogs, quite often post photos taken with them during shots. Eventually, some of them appear in music videos, live talk shows (Animal Planet, Good morning America, Ellen, etc.), and even movies. It's obvious that they don't do it for free, isn't it?
Nevertheless, these pets didn't get their popularity just with a couple of random videos or photos. Actually, a real "orchestrated" campaign is necessary for gaining enough popularity to attract corporate sponsors. Top popular dogs on the internet and their owners have managed this!

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