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American women have their own beauty standard. This is snow-white smile and groomed hair. Most of them prefer to have long hairstyle. It can easy be tied back in a ponytail. It is strict and appropriate, when a lady visits the office. The long hair can beautifully put and frame the face in informal places. Young girls prefer to cut their hair down to shoulders. Getting older, many of them stay with this hairstyle.

American women adhere dress-code working in the office, and are very uninhibited in clothing when they visit shops, cafes and other public places. You will never see an american in evening outfit and high heels, going to the market for shopping. The usual clothes for going to the store are jeans, blouse or cami, comfortable shoes with low heels.

A lady is not able to come at work with full makeup: it's just a little touch up eyes, slightly blush and face powder and skin tone. For the publication (guests, restaurant, theater), she uses a bright makeup and dress up accordingly.

Young african-american girls love bright makeup and even during the day, but their faces with black skin look always fantastically beautiful. They always have graceful movements, proud poise, beautifully coiffed hair of the plurality of braids.

There are a lot of single mothers, as a rule, among african-american girls get privileges and benefits from the state thanks to their children. This is enough for them to live on, never work and are not even going to.

American women are trying to get a prestigious job. This is a perfect way for those who has money to continue their education at the prestigious universities in the USA. A woman here can build a great career. American women do not hurry up to get married, believing that at the first is better make a career and then they can think about the family.

If someone in the family has a birthday party, females will not go for shopping, buy the products and cook at all. They will better order the food at the restaurant. It is hard to call them good housewives.

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  • 1. Cindy Crawford (February 20, 1966) - American model.

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