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Natalia Oreiro is the famous Latin American actress. At this time, she is UNICEF ambassador in Argentina and Uruguay. Natalia is famous Latin American actress. Besides, the Argentina actress was remembered to the audience not only as the beautiful, living, direct and interesting actress, but also as the talented singer. Natalia Oreiro came to Russia more than once and was recognized warm feelings to this country where she was accepted and came to love very much, and she wins the viewer and the listener in other country. Its difficult case, but the beautiful Latin American managed it.

Natalia Oreiro photo

  • Oreiro was born (her full name is Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias) in Montevideo (Uruguay). Mother of future celebrity worked as the hairdresser, and the father is a businessman. Natalia has elder sister, Adriana. Her sister is the mistress of a clothing store.
  • Natalia in early age begun to show tendencies for acting and, and therefore since eight years she begins to study elements of this profession. At 12 the girl is invited to appear in advertisements and at 14 she has already become the assistant to the TV host of a popular show.
  • The girl was trying to prove herself and took part in a numerous casting for roles in TV series. Soon she is invited to play in series "The Unsubdued Heart".

    Natalia Oreiro beautiful Argentinian actress photo

Creative career

  1. After the first role the girl passes to popular Argentina TV channel. And again good luck: she gets the offer to play the lead character in the film "The Argentinean in New York". At the same time with shootings Oreiro is trying to win the love of the audience as a singer.
  2. In 1999 he published the disc, it first goes to the Argentine shopping and then made available in other countries. The CD made great success, was sold out by big circulation - about one million only in foreign countries.Latin model Natalia Oreiro photos
  3. Then there was a star role of Natalia Oreiro in the movie "Wild Angel". The girl not just acted in TV series, she also took active part in formation of the image. Milagros has become a favorite of viewers in many countries, and the TV series won the tender Viva which was taking place in Israel in 2000.

    Natalia Oreiro on the series Wild Angel Photo

  4. When shootings of "Wild Angel" ended, Oreiro started writing of a new disk, it was called "Your Poison". The disk came to the international level again and was sold out two in a million circulation.

    Natalia Oreiro with beautiful makeup Photo

  5. The actress and the singer gives many concerts in the most different countries (Colombia, Venezuela, the USA, Turkey), acts in clips. Natalia Oreiro in Cannes photo
  6. Her following work at cinema was a role in TV series "Kachorra" which release of one more successful disk followed. The actress and the singer spends all free time either on shootings, or at concert venues, constantly invite her with concerts to the most different countries.
  7. One of the last films with the participation of Natalia Oreiro was even nominated for an Academy Award as the "Best Foreign Language Film," a picture "Clandestine Childhood".

Natalia Oreiro is also a designer and issues the fashion line under the name Las Oreiro. Not so long ago she devoted one of the collections of Russia where she is accepted and loved. The most remarkable that Natalia herself provided the collection in which used bright colors, and also the Russian attributes: a balalaika, a wreath, braids.

Private life of Natalia Oreiro

The first long relations connected Oreiro with the actor Pablo Echarri.

Natalia Oreiro and Pablo Echarri photo

But couple left after many years of joint life. Now the actress is married to the leader of the rock group Divididios Riccardo Molyo. In 2012 at couple was born the son Merlin Ataualpa.

Natalia Oreiro with husband Riccardo Molyo photo

Natalia Oreiro with son

Natalia Oreiro's Photos

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Video with Natalia Oreiro "Cambio Dolor"


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