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Many of us cannot stop discussing, who are they — the most charming and attractive ladies. Some of us consider that Russians and Ukrainians are the hottest ones, while the others know for 100% that Latina women are those girls, who regularly steal the hearts of lonely gentlemen. In reality, there are many pairs of “mixed” marriages, when a hot baby from Argentina, Uruguay or Venezuela lives together with an American, UK guy or a man from Australia.

Valeria Mazza — Claudia Schiffer from Argentina

Valeria Mazza is 45 already, but most men find her extremely attractive. She belongs to that type of hot Latina women that amaze men with their blond hair and those ladies, who does not resemble attractive brunettes, who were born somewhere in the southern countries. This lady is often called “Argentine Claudia Schiffer”. Often mocked for this similarity in her youth, she said that she’s better than the popular American Hollywood actress. Really: look at Claudia now and realize how Valeria Mazza was lucky getting this wonderful face shape and amazing form of her eyes. She is one year younger than Claudia, but quite she is quite recognizable. Belonging to those natural beautiful Latina women, this lady hates plastic surgery. She has wonderful family (three sons and a daughter), and a loving spouse with whom they still walk by the hand almost fifteen years.

Eugenia Suarez – Argentinean Margot Robbie

This outstanding and talented lady also belongs to those Latina women, who resemble Hollywood actresses. Probably they really do have similar relatives (who know it?) Eugenia that was born in Argentina looks like popular American Margot Robbie. Probably if the beauty was born somewhere in Europe or the States, her glory would have already rumbled through the cities and villages. However, the beauty was born in Buenos Aires and she feels quite happy in her country. Her reputation is pure, but her beauty always makes many men suspecting the girl in some sins. For instance, some guys do really believe, she had some surgery. In fact, everything is natural, for the woman has been getting her roles in movies and series since her childhood — if something would be changed, all would mention it. This pretty woman is not married; she is raising a nice 2-year-old daughter Rufina and experiencing another romance with partner Benjamín Vicuña, the hottest macho man and talented actor.

Emma Rabbe — Canadian from Venezuela

Emma is among those charming Latina women, who were born overseas, in Canada. However, the lady but grew up and became famous in Venezuela. In 1988 Emma was chosen Miss Venezuela. Many probably remember her by the series The Queen of Hearts, or Belissima. Her beloved spouse was Daniel Alvarado, and the woman gave him three sons. Now Emma Rabbe lives and works in Canada.

Scarlet Ortiz — stunning Venezuelan beauty and actress

Another Venezuelan beauty Scarlet Ortiz, won the hearts of gentlemen, who watched Luiss Fernanda series. Unlike some rare hot Latina women, Scarlet has a “traditional” charm of a southern lady — black hair and deep brown eyes with thick lashes. This always smiling unreal beauty she was married to Yul Bürkle, who played her friend in the series. They both have a sweet daughter who does not look like her mommy at all.

Josefina Montane — Chilean model and beauty

And this beautiful native Chilean (yes, the lady was born in Chile) resembles European or American actresses. First, Josefina became a model, gave birth to her daughter from her buddy from school, then she left him, and soon after this event became an actress. Recently, Josefina married a model, actor and film director Darko Peric, famous for his movies of horrior. In winter the beautiful pair marked a charming event — their sweet baby Mila was born.

Daniela Núñez del Prado — the most beautiful Bolivian

This outstanding lady is among those charming Latina women that were born to bring her fans real aesthetics pleasure. The lady, whose height is 175 cm, represented her country at the beauty contest in 2011.

Camila Alves — called the most gorgeous and pretty Brazilian

Although this young lady, Camila Alves, was born in Brazil, she has been living in the USA since 15. However, not only her unreal beauty has brought Camila popularity. He spouse is the famous American actor Matthew McConaughey, the dream of many women.

Carla Ossa — delightful Columbian model

Carla Ossa, whose height is very unusual for the women from Latin America and reaches almost 180 cm, has been still working the modeling business. Although the beauty is over 30, many younger girls can only envy her perfect complexion, thick and curly hair and wonderful shape.

As you see, some guys make a mistake thinking that all women from Latin America have very lash forms and prefer sitting at home with their husbands and giving them a baby each year. Many of these beauties have the fame that is comparable with the popularity of the famous stars.

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