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Jewish men are characterized by narrow face, thick, curly, dark as coal hair, dark skin, big brown almond eyes with long eyelashes, bushy eyebrows. This is an appearance of a typical Jew . Classic faces incredibly beautiful, even canonical - we may remember the images of their saints on pictures. Expression of the eyes is hard to describe. In general, they are strikingly bright and shining, some times they seem sleepy or dreamy or tired, others are poignant, flickering or secretive.
The nose is narrow at the base, but a big and protruding in general. Nostrils are large and well-drawn. Pretty big mouth. Lips, especially the lower, are thick, sloping chin. The line, formed by a fold, extending from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth, is strongly highlighted.

The stature is middle or lower-middle. They have narrow shoulders.

Jewish men are usually intelligent. They have something to talk about, able to support any conversation. They usually have a great sense of humor. It is true on a hundred percent. What's more important - the Jews are able to joke on themselves. In general, for those who have met with them, much fun guaranteed.
This men often sexually attractive and love women. Always ready to give their attention and charisma to a beautiful ladies. Even in an innocent way. Charm, humor, intelligence - all this will be used.

They usually love their mothers very much, good sons. Jewish men of all ages are kind to their mothers, take care of them. Mothers are very important personalities in their lifes.

And they are good family men. The majority of husbands are nice and caring. However, on the other hand, they are also need high level of care from wifes too.

The knowlege about their greed is a myth. There are as exaggerated greedy types and super-generous. And do not spare the money for those whom they love.

Jewish men are courageous, sometimes gloomy, canny, very hard working. Their hard work allows them to achieve great success in business. Characterized by lively character, a lot of noise and gesture.

30. David Schwimmer (2 November 1966) - American actor and director from a Jewish family.

Handsome Jewish Men. David Schwimmer

29.Adrien Brody (14 April 1973) - American actor and producer, was born into a Jewish family.

Adrien Brody

28. Adam Lambert  (29 January 1982) - American singer. He has Jewish ancestry through the maternal line.

Adam Lambert

27. Daniel Radcliffe (23 July 1989) - British film and theater actor, has Jewish ancestry through the maternal line.

Daniel Radcliffe

26. Andrew Garfield (20 August 1983) - British and American actor, his grandfather was a Jewish immigrant.

Andrew Garfield

25. Josh Radnor (29 July 1974) - American actor.

Josh Radnor

24. Joaquin Phoenix (28 October 1974) - American actor, his mother came from a family of Jewish immigrants from Hungary and Russia.

Joaquin Phoenix

23. Adam Sandler (9 September 1966) - American comedian, actor, musician of Jewish origin.

Adam Sandler

22. Mihail Tureckij (12 April 1962) − Russian showman, conductor, singer, producer.

Mihail Tureckij

21. Noah Wyle (4 June 1971) - American actor. His father was a Russian Jew.

Noah Wyle

20. Paul Rudd (6 April 1969) - American actor and screenwriter, from a family of Jews who emigrated from England.

Paul Rudd

19. Max Greenfield (4 September 1980) - American television actor, was born into a Jewish family.

Max Greenfield

18. Gabriel Macht (22 January 1972) - American actor, was born into a Jewish family.

Gabriel Macht

17. James Franco (19 April 1978) - American actor, director, screenwriter and producer. James's mother - a Jew with Russian roots.

James Franco

16. Liev Schreiber (4 October 1967) - American film actor, director and producer.

Liev Schreiber

15. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (17 February 1981) - American actor and film director, two-time nominee for the award "Golden Globe". He was born into a Jewish family.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

14. Craig David (5 May 1981) - British singer and songwriter. He has Jewish ancestry through the maternal line.

Craig David

13. Zac Efron (18 October 1987) - American actor, his paternal grandfather was Jewish.

Zac Efron

12.Justin Lee Bartha (21 July 1978) - American actor, producer and director, was born into a Jewish family.

Justin Lee Bartha

11.Adam Levine (18 March 1979) - American singer, actor, singer and guitarist of the pop rock band Maroon 5.

Adam Levine

10.Logan Lerman (19 January 1992) - American actor, he was born into a Jewish family.

Logan Lerman

9.Eric Dane (9 November 1972) - American actor.

Eric Dane

8. Bryan Greenberg (24 May 1978) -  American actor.

Bryan Greenberg

7. Joshua Bowman (4 March 1988) - British actor, his father - a Jew and Bowman said that "feels like a Jew."

Joshua Bowman

6. Jake Gyllenhaal (19 December 1980) - American actor, he was born into a family of Jewish immigrants from Russia and Latvia.

Jake Gyllenhaal

5.Adam Brody (15 December 1979) - American actor, he was born into a Jewish family.

Adam Brody

4. Ben Barnes (20 August 1981) - English actor, a Jew through the maternal line.

Handsome Jewish Men. Ben Barnes photo

3. Shia LaBeouf (11 June 1986) - American actor, born in the French-Jewish family.

Shia LaBeouf Handsome Jewish Man

2.Dave Franco (12 June 1985) - Hollywood actor, a Jew through the maternal line.

Dave Franco Handsome Jewish Man photo

1. James Wolk  (22 March 1985) - American actor.

James Wolk most hansime jew

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