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Filipino women have an exotic beauty and friendliness. They have got the win in numerous international pageants of beauty. There is an interesting mix of different blood, nationalities, races in the Philippines. Girls from these places extremely look like the spaniards, chinese women and even africans. As we know, hawaiians are the sexiest in the whole world. They are mostly half-filipina.

Filipino women have really slim figures - not too tall, but composed very perfect. The greatest thing is that they are slim from a nature. It is not surprising that filipina girls win of beauty contests. Every second woman here is pretty and attractive. They are true coquette, love to flirt and always smiling. Their main advantage is a gentle disposition, kindness, patience, the ability to resist the bad mood. Filipino women are caring, faithful wives, romantic, loyal. This is their great gift.

The lives of local women are not simple. But they can leave the country without any problems. They are able to change something to a better way. So, women often are employed abroad. It helps girls to leave the family very easy. Most of them get a job in different countries as housekeepers. Such a fact facilitates their contact with foreigners.

The quantity of divorces has a low rate in this country and the poverty is high, so a foreign man is a good chance to get better husband for woman from the Philippines. In addition, flipina girls by their own admission, like white men. According to recent research, americans are submitted as caring and kind, while the filipina men are considered to be cruel and cheaters.

The culture is very open. Families are supportive. However, there is a fact of a serious taboo on the showing of feelings in a public. Unlike women from Europe, filipina sleep much more. These women are the real sleepyheads, they are also just a little bit lazy. They hate cooking a lot and do not like keeping housework. Despite even these flaws, they are still considered the best wives.

For filipino women 2013 was one of the most successful. Once two girls won two prestigious international competitions: Megan Young win "Miss World 2013" and Mutya Datul win contest "Miss Supraneshnl 2013." In connection with this, I decided to make the Top 16 the most beautiful filipino women, which included representatives of beauty pageants, famous models, actresses and singers with Filipino roots.

  • 16. Ruffa Gutierrez (June 24, 1974) - Filipina model, beauty queen and actress.

    beautiful Filipino women, Ruffa Gutierrez photo, Filipina model

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  • 15. Angelica Panganiban (November 4, 1986) - Filipino film and television actress.

    beautiful Filipino women, Angelica Panganiban photo, Filipina actress

  • 14. Queneerich Rehman (27 June 1988) - Miss World Philippines 2012.

    Queneerich Rehman photo, Miss World Philippines 2012

  • 13. Jewel Mische (June 29, 1990, Manila) - Filipina actress.

    beautiful Filipino women, Jewel Mische photo, Filipina actress

  • 12.  Anne Curtis (17 February 1985) - Filipino-Australian actress and model, television host.

     beautiful Filipino women, Anne Curtis photo, Filipina-Australian actress

  • 11. Iya Villania (29 June 1986, Camperdown) - Filipino actress and television host.

    beautiful Filipino women, Iya Villania photo, Filipina actress

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  • 10. Kristine Hermosa (September 9, 1983, Quezon City) - Filipina actress.

    beautiful Filipino women, Kristine Hermosa photo, Filipina actress

  • 9. Maja Salvador (October 5, 1988) - Filipina actress, dancer and model.

    beautiful Filipino women, Maja Salvador photo, Filipina actress

  • 8. Janine Tugonon (19 October 1989, Orion) - Miss Universe-Philippines 2012.

    beautiful Filipino women, Janine Tugonon photo, Miss Universe-Philippines 2012

  • 7. Dawn Zulueta/Marie Rachel Salman Taleon (March 4, 1969) - Filipino film-television actress and commercial model.

    beautiful Filipino women,Dawn Zulueta photo, Filipina actress

  • 6. Lauren Young (November 8, 1993) - actress, of dual American and Filipino citizenship.

    beautiful Filipino women, Lauren Young photo, Filipina actress

  • 5. Mutya Datul -  Filipino fashion model and beauty titleholder who was crowned Miss Supranational 2013 and Miss Supranational Philippines.

    beautiful Filipino women, Mutya Datul photo, winner Miss Supranational 2013

  • 4. KC Concepcion (Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion on April 7, 1985) - actress and singer from the Philippines.

    beautiful Filipino women, KC Concepcion photo, actress and model from Philippines

  • 3. Samuelle Lynne Acosta "Sam" Pinto (December 11, 1989) - Filipino actress and model.

    beautiful Filipino women, Sam Pinto - Filipino actress

  • 2. Shamcey Gurrea Supsup (May 16, 1986) - Miss Universe-Philippines 2011.

    beautiful Filipino women, Shamcey Supsup photo

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  • 1. Megan Young (27 February 1990) - Filipino American beauty queen, actress and model, Miss World 2013.

    beautiful Filipino women, Megan Young photo, winner miss world 2013 photo

It was a raiting of the most beautiful Filipino women. Suggest new candidates to us.

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